Wednesday, January 4, 2012

She's baaaaaack.

Oh my God I have a blog? Ooops. Man, five months of total neglect. THIS is why I don't have children. That and the fact that they shit all over everything and give you wrinkles.

I just went back and re-read the previous five sentences, and I now realize exactly WHY I haven't been missed in these past five months.

So here are my current options. I could
        a) Give a lengthy and dramatic excuse for why I haven't blogged in five months
        b) NOT and save your tired eyes and my carpal-tunnely hands some time

Basically student teaching was a major biatch that kicked my ask but I survived. And pretty much nothing has changed exceptttttt....I've graduated, and I've moved. Other than that everything is the same. Well, my hair is shorter, and I have a new shower curtain.

I am so boring. Okay, since this post didn't provide any entertainment, I leave you with this.

Sorry for being lame. I'll try again tomorrow.

PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS: Oh my God I totally forgot The Bachelor started Monday. THAT'S new. Stay tuned for my overly-zealous opinion.

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