Thursday, March 27, 2014

My life is 100% complete

It's true. Because last night, THIS HAPPENED.

That would be TWO, side by side treadmills. Which can only mean that last night, Taylor and I ran together, on side by side treadmills, for TWENTY MINUTES.

And then I forced him to take a gym mirror selfie with me to commemorate the beautiful moment.
I don't know why his face looks like that, but don't dwell on it, k?

Another reason why I'm 97% sure he loves me. HE BOUGHT HIMSELF A MATCHING GARMIN.


And then we celebrated our two miles by going El Fenix for $5.99 cheese enchiladas and margs. Mmmmmhmmmm.

And lastly, to celebrate the fact that it's Thursday, I leave you with this.

Smile, because it's Thursday, and because I have awesome lunch plans, and because tomorrow night is my bachelorette party! And if all that still doesn't work, stop and pick up a bagel on your way to work.
That always does the trick for me.



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday morning OOPS and more reasons Walmart totally SUCKS.

Today I am thankful for running buddies with AAA.

I woke up bright and early at 5am this morning to meet Karen for a run. I pulled into the parking lot near the trail, and was almost all ready to go. I went to throw my purse and phone in my trunk and in the middle of all that had second thoughts about whether or not I wanted to wear my jacket. I was so concerned with my jacket that I completely forgot I set my car key down in my trunk. I slammed it closed and the second it latched shut I said, “Yeah, I just locked my keys in my trunk.” So yeah, that happened. 

Thank the LORD Karen had AAA who came and rescued me. The good news was while we were waiting we still had time to get a little run in, so all was not lost. 

You’d think I’d be limited to only one stupid move per day right? Wrong. Because later on lunch, I took a near deadly tumble off a curb and into the side of my car.

That’s what I get for pretending I’m a big shot and wearing heels to work. What was I thinking trying to waltz around with two extra inches for nine hours?! FAIL.

Anyways, after a crazy morning, I mixed up my usual scrambled egg/egg whites with a side of some oats that I’d let sit in the fridge overnight with some almond milk. I sliced up some banana and threw in about a teaspoon of peanut butter and it hit the freakin’ spot. I repeat. Hit the freakin’ spot.

Speaking of food, (I know right?) last night I made my weekly grocery store run. Side note - I would just like to say THANK YOU to the white trash meth mouthed teen mom screaming profanities at her toddler, for reminding me why I’ve stayed away from Walmart for all these years. Thank you for redirecting my business to my beloved Trader Joe’s and Target.  I will never make that mistake AGAIN.

Anyways, I’ve been craving sweet and salty trail mix like CRAZY lately. I knew I had almonds, dark chocolate chips, and peanuts at home. So while I was out I picked up some oyster crackers (98 cents?!) and raisins and threw it all together in a bowl of gloriousness, and now I am one happy girl.

Do you think Allison and I should postpone our trip to Boston till Winter? Because we NEED to stroll around Boston wearing these. 

Don't worry, coordinating visors are plan B. Coordinating fanny packs are plan C. 
We will keep you posted. 

I was totes stoked (yeah, I just said that) to try out our new pots and pans for dinner and I LOOOOOVE them. They are the Bialetti Aeternum red non-stick set from Bed Bath and Beyond and they are fantastic. PROOF.

Taylor and I have a run date tomorrow night and I am BEYOND excited. 
But now, I have a date with my bed. 



Monday, March 24, 2014

10 Days

It has been ten days since I last blogged. Raise your hand if you think this is not okay.
You can put your hand down now, Mom. 

Here's what's been going on:

I moved.

It was long and exhausting but totally worth it. To celebrate, we enjoyed the first dinner on our new kitchen table. We are CLASSY.

I'd show you more pictures but it's still a half empty work in progress. So as soon as it's more presentable, I'll give you a photo tour of all 861 square feet of home. 

And then, BFF came into town!

We hit up In-N-Out, Chuy's Happy Hour, Manis/Pedis, and Target. In exactly that order.

She kept me up way too late every night and I am STILL recovering. I don't do well on anything less than 8 hours of sleep. But it was all worth it because we booked our annual BFF trip! 
Boston, we will see you in T-mins 148 days. My life revolves around countdowns.

I went for a run. Well, a couple of them actually, but this is the only one I have evidence of.

I had another bridal shower. With the greatest people ever. Oh and this little girl stole the spotlight.

Pretty much the cutest helper in the entire world.

Really though, if you want to feel extra special just cram all the sweetest ladies you know into one room for an afternoon and let them shower you with love.

Seriously, I am the LUCKIEST.

After the shower, I got to hang out with this favorite of mine. 

We chose to celebrate Saturday afternoon/evening with wine and fancy food. It's what we do. 

I woke up early on Sunday and chauffeured Allison to a photo shoot, and while I waited, I enjoyed an Einstein's bagel and tried to accomplish some wedding related things. 

I didn't accomplish very much, but I did succeed in eating a crap ton of strawberry shmear. #winning

Sunday evening, Taylor and I headed off to the annual OFC Dinner and Auction. Jason Witten was the keynote speaker, and it was a blast. Turns out, people will pay $5000+ for a selfie with a handsome football player. Anything for the kids, right? 

Remember up there when I said my life revolves around countdowns? I wasn't kidding. Next up? 


Oh HEY Ryan.

I'm still recovering from my lack of sleep and I've got an early run scheduled for the morning. But this is me, checking in, saying hi, and sharing pics of Ryan Gosling. You're welcome!



Friday, March 14, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Bootcamp at 530 am will never get easier. But my outfits do get cuter. Thanks Em!
My life is officially packed up into boxes. Weird simultaneous happy/sad emotions.

 If y'all were wondering, Whataburger taquitos still hit the spot.
All week long I have been throwin' it back to 2003 by keeping this song on repeat.

This week, I snagged this end table at Target for $34!
The removable tray is adorbs, but my purse is not included.

Shipley's donut holes. I would give my right arm if I could have Shipley's every day.

Spotted at Garden Ridge. I exercised a great deal of self control and did NOT buy.
But now you know what to get me for my birthday.

This week, I tried oil pulling for the first time.
I lasted approximately .5 seconds before I gagged and spewed it everywhere.
 Oil has no place in my mouth unless it has been politely fried into a potato chip or onion ring.

Another reason to love Trader Joe’s, they do pre-made salads RIGHT.
I didn’t say healthy, I said right. 510 calories of peanutty deliciousness is my kind of lunch.

I've got to admit, at first glance, I was unsure about these.

And lastly, to follow up the pictures of taquitos, donut holes, goldfish, and nutrition-less salads, a little Ryan Gosling clean eating inspiration.
 Diet starts Monday, right y'all?
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Post Dedication and a Fast(er) Run

I’m going to forewarn you that I’m dedicating this post in its entirety (ok, vast majority) to my BEST FRIEND because exactly one week from right this second I will be picking her up from the airport and hijacking her back to my apartment for two whole days!

(Also #tbt to when I gave her the a Vera Bradley duffle bag for Christmas. I wanna steal it back.)
I LOVE HER. If she'd have me, I’d call off this nonsense with Taylor in a heartbeat and the two of us would run away to NYC together and walk through central park holding hands and eating street hot dogs EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Well that got weird. Sorry.

Sometimes when your best friend decides to up and move 1,930 miles away, you become even more obsessed with her than normal. Yes, I can say for a fact that from her doorstep to mine it is 1,930 miles exactly. Cause I google mapped it, bitches.

Anyways back to being obsessed with her. For your entertainment purposes (and let’s be honest, my own entertainment purposes) I’ve snapshotted my most favorite texts from Allison over the last couple of weeks. It’s weird. But it’s also awesome. Drumroll please!

The time she referenced Titanic in only the most hilarious of ways.

 That time I ran a marathon and she ran two miles and she didn't appreciate my congratulatory efforts.
 The time she was needy.
The time she asked me to remind her not to drink on a school night. PS never gonna happen.

The time I told her I found her soulmate in a bar.

The time autocorrect wouldn't let her call me a bitch.

The time she likened the guy in Karmin to Rose and Ryan Lewis.

The time that she missed me and I missed her and all was right in the world.

Not one, not two, but THREE people from my office are at the Elton John concert tonight. I’M SO JEALOUS I COULD CRY. When Allison and I were 14 (hot damn Al, we’ve been friends for ten years?) we both went through a massive “We love you Sir Elton and you can do NO wrong” phase. Actually to be honest, we are still in that phase.

What’s your favorite Elton song? Mine is a tie between Levon and Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters. And Tiny Dancer. And Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadAnd Your Song.  I DON’T KNOW DAMMIT THIS IS TOO HARD! They are all so good.

In case you've forgotten, Phoebe’s personal fave is Tiny Dancer

I really was SUPER jealous. So to work through my frustration, I decided to go for a run.

This might actually have been the most gorgeous day of all time.
I listened to Elton. And I ran. 5 miles at an average pace of 8:27. I warmed up for a mile, then just decided to run harder than normal and see what I could come up with. The perfect weather and Elton were definitely on my side. Splits were 9:17, 8:49, 8:14, 8:17, and 7:41. And this made me happy. 

It wasn’t exactly a very therapeutic run because my soundtrack only fueled my jealousy, but it did burn enough calories for me to justify the Olive Garden I had for lunch so I call that a win.

Also in fitness news, I’ve decided I’m going to do 25 push ups a day until the wedding. My goal is to be buffer than Taylor. And Mike Tyson. Just kidding about the Mike Tyson part.

I made yum-lish Mongolian beef last night. Taylor approved and there was enough to feed the two of us and for me to have leftovers for dinner tonight. Double win.
There’s an empire of empty boxes that has taken over my working area. 
Apparently they are there to remind me that in 24 hours I'm supposed to have the past 2 years of my life packed up and ready to move. Yeah, I'll let you know how that goes. 
Well, it appears I've got a hell of a lot of packing to do.



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