Thursday, January 31, 2013

How I almost ruined a really awesome night

Good news first...


Last Run

5 mi
00:46 /09:05 pace
Week Miles
17 mi
2013 Miles
100 mi
Total Miles
212 mi

Check! Hit the 100 mile mark for January!  

Bad news second...

Y'all. I'm not trying to be dramatic. But I almost just died. My shower tried to kill me. This is what happened.


JK. So that's not exactly what happened. For one, my shower head is not that fancy. But the form of the fall is like 84% accurate. Reason number 37,418,375,823,751,084 why being a woman and having to shave is a literal pain in the ass. One leg propped up on the soap holder + shaving cream everywhere + leg cramp? It's just plain dangerous. 

So after thanking the Lord profusely for not allowing me to die cold, naked, and alone in the tub, I of course had to google "falling in the shower." And did you know that falling in the shower kills 16,000 people a year?!!!?? Yep. It's decided. I'm never getting back in that death trap again. My google search also reminded me of Steven Tyler's epic shower fall back in October of 2011:


I referenced earlier that tonight was a really awesome night. That's cause it was. After work I headed over to the gym to get in my last five miles of January. Around mile two Taylor texted me 

((A couple of things about this text message. ONE-The reason I said I'd "kill him dead" is because I thought he was going to Olive Garden without me. I really mean that so I'm not sorry at all. TWO-When I'm trying to run on the treadmill and text at the same time, typos like "folding" instead of "golfing" typically occur. THREE-Refer back to this if you are confused about why Taylor is listed as "Booty Call!!!!!" in my phone.))

Clearly, I was annoyed by the text. But my lack of run/text coordination forced me to just wait. To make a long story short, while I was running, Taylor and his roommate Quaid magically appeared out of nowhere  right outside the window directly in front of my treadmill. They pretended to ignore me because they think they are funny, but they happened to be golfing in the area and decided to swing by and surprise me! That was the something important. Sweethearts. So as soon as I finished my run we headed to On the Border to celebrate the fact that it's Thursday. I made that up. you don't need a reason to celebrate when there is queso involved. That is reason enough. 

Since there is clearly no chronological flow to this post whatsoever, I'd also like to share with you the greatest idea for a lunch break ever. Today for lunch I decided to head over to Barnes & Noble to pick up a birthday present. The minute I walked in the door I saw this month's issue of Runner's World, so I obviously had no choice but to sit down and bury myself in that magazine for a solid half hour. 

So definitely an above average Thursday. And the only thing better than an above average Thursday is.......




Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Progression Run and my new TJ's Obsession

For the last couple weeks, it seems like all of my treadmill runs have been progression(y) runs. Even though I wasn't really calling them progression runs, that's what they were. I'm really trying to train myself to get used to starting out slow, staying steady and finishing fast(er-ish). Tonight's 6 mile progression run looked like this:

Mile 1- 9:30 
Mile 2- 9:15
Mile 3- 9:05
Mile 4- 8:57
Mile 5- 8:48
Mile 6- 8:30

So a total time of  about 54:05, with an average pace of 9:00/mile. Even though it's amazing for progression runs, I'm still not a huge treadmill fan. I made a promise to myself to really try not to be on the treadmill for more than an hour. If it weren't for my HIMYM obsession and unlimited access via Netflix, I'd be bored out of my friggin' mind. I am more than ready for the return of those long summer days that will allow me to run do my weekday runs on the trails again. HALLELUJAH.

Because it would be just plain weird for me to go an entire post without any food pics, I'd like to share with you my newest favorite find:

OMG Trader Joe's Pasadena Salad. Get out of my mind and into my belly NOW!

Y'all. This is delicious. After reading this awesome post about Janae's favorite TJ's items, I decided to give this one a try. I've never really been a fan of pre-made salads, because they're usually bland and lacking in actual freshness but OMG. This salad is to die for. I won't claim that it's outrageously healthy or loaded with nutritious vegetables, but it is life-changing and it's all I want to talk about ever again in my entire life. (Seriously ask my co-workers. I would not shut up about it.)

That was my excited face, I swear. Actually it's more like, "Oh crap this is amazing and I just remembered it cost me $3.99. FANTASTIC, another habit I can't afford." Oh well. 

Over the last 24 hours, I've been building up an Amazon Wish List of running related things that I want/need/have convinced myself I need. I'm sharing with you all because I had a feeling that you guys knew that this Saturday is 4 months until my birthday and you should probably start the gift-giving now. 
And I'm okay with that.

Product Image 
Loooove this. Perfect for storing your fuel, keys, ID, whatever!

Product Image
I never really had sore calves or shins until I started increasing my speed and HOLY cow I am dying for some compression socks to help with recovery. Plus they are pink. 

Product Image

Product Image
My hamstrings are begging me for a foam roller.

Product Image

Product Image

Maybe this month I just won't eat and then I'll be able to afford all the things on my Wish List.



Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear Texas

Dear Texas,

While I am well aware that you are the home state of the "unseasonably warm winter," it's time for you to pull it together. I mean, seriously?!

I am complaining about this beautiful weather for the following reasons. 1) I am a grown-up. This means that between the hours of 8&5 I am handcuffed to my desk at my big girl job, and by the time the handcuffs come off, IT IS DARK AND I HAVE TO RUN AT THE GYM. Which means this beautiful 77 degree January day- is WASTED. And 2) I am too poor to start Summer clothes shopping in January. TOO poor. I am begging you, Texas, work with me here! I am not done with hot chocolate yet. 

And while I'm writing letters, I'd also like to drop quick line to the Girl Scouts...

Hi Scouts, 

I know that not everyone is aware that in addition to being couriers of deliciousness, you are also a bunch of green uniform wearin' mini-comedians. But I am, I get you.

Use before September 1, 2013??? Seriously Scouts, you are hilarious. No household in America could manage to make Girl Scout cookies last until September. 

Seriously. I'm still laughing.

Right now I've got the Bachelor playing in the background and I just want to say that this Pretty Woman date is EVERY WOMAN'S DREAM. I mean, am I right?? EVERY WOMAN'S DREAM. I knew I should've auditioned for this show. It's okay, Taylor has seen Pretty Woman so I really think he'd understand. (And Taylor if you are reading, can you call Neil Lane and see if he will let me borrow the diamond necklace for our date night at Chipotle this Friday? KThanks.)

Because I'm out of things to say and you probably don't care to read any more of my letters, here are this week's Monday Mileage Goals:

Monday: 4 mile run (check!)
Tuesday: 6 mile run
Wednesday: Elliptical & 2 mile jog 
Thursday: 5 mile run
Friday: 30 minute Hill/Speed Intervals
Sunday: 11 mile run

That long run on Sunday might possibly have to be moved to Saturday depending on how our SuperBowl plans turn out. I'm hoping they consist of minimal amounts of football, and lots and lots of food. I mean LOTS. With a few hilarious commercials thrown in there between touchdowns and wings. 



Sunday, January 27, 2013

A CRAP-TASTIC run and weekend recap


Yes, that's how I feel.

I should have known I was in store for a bad run when I set out on the trails and noticed perfectly good M&M's scattered about. 

To make things worse, I'm pretty sure they were pretzel filled. 
I mean, it's like a slap in the face. 

The only positive thing I can say about today's long run is that I finished (with multiple walk breaks). Aaand that's about it. What's worse is I know pretty much exactly why it sucked so bad. I didn't fuel properly (unless brownies count as proper pre-run fuel), I didn't hydrate enough (unless there's water in brownies...) and I started out way too quickly. Not to mention the wind this afternoon was re-donk. So lessons learned today are: don't be a moron and eat crap before a ten mile run, you can never have enough pre-run H20, and don't try to be a speedy gonzalez for your first five miles because the last five will kick your ass. 

I refuse to dwell on it anymore because bad runs put me in a bad mood, so moving on!

This weekend was another wonderfully lazy one. Friday night after work I headed out to Taylor's house for the weekend. We hit up Chipotle (fave) where I'm pretty sure I out-ate him and was reminded once again of how much better life is with guacamole in it. After dinner, we headed over to Academy (second home) where we wandered around for about an hour and lusted over things we don't need/can't afford. I did however buy out their entire supply of my absolute favorite ever Cytomax Energy Drops.

I wasn't kidding. I really bought them all. I had a mini-panic attack earlier this week when I visited the Academy next door to my gym and they were COMPLETELY out. No way I'm ever letting that happen again. 

After sleeping in, we headed out for a nutritious Saturday morning breakfast. Taylor is obsessed with Shipley's donuts and every single weekend he begs for it and this weekend I didn't have the energy to refuse. Also he paid. 

Obviously all the donut eating really took it out of us, so we followed up breakfast with a nap. His was thirty minutes. Mine may or may not have been two hours. There's no proof so I guess we'll never really know.

I did wake up super energized so I decided to go for a quick unscheduled run to try and squeeze in some extra mileage for January. (Only 17 miles left till 100!) It was a quick neighborhood run which was a huge change of scenery since I'm so used to either running on the treadmill or the the Trinity trails. But it was good, and it's amazing how quickly any run that is less than 45 minutes will fly by. 

After that run it was, of course, time to eat again. We headed out for dinner at McAllister's and then spent the rest of the night wandering around NorthEast Mall not buying anything. But we stop by Brookstone where we entertained ourselves with overpriced gadgets for awhile.

I didn't get a picture of it, but I'm now convinced that I need one of the giant massage chairs WITH the built in calf/leg massager. I mean, am I right?!!?? AMAZING. And very reasonably priced at only $3,300. 
Way to go Brookstone. 

Today consisted of more sleeping and the aforementioned run from hell. So now I'm recovering with a banana, Tylenol PM, and an FX showing of Eclipse. Just because I'm Team Edward doesn't mean I mind when Jacob takes his shirt off.

Exactly four weeks until race day!



Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 Miles in January?

Tonight when I got home, I went to log my run in DailyMile when I noticed I've logged 71 miles for the month of January. Then I got to thinking, I've got a ten mile run set for Sunday, and then 15 miles spread out from next Monday-Thursday which means that by January 31, I'll have logged 96 miles. 
But you know what would be better than 96 miles?

I know to a lot of runners, that's absolutely nothing. But it's a pretty big deal for me! So it looks like I'm going to be squeezing in a little four miler between now and Thursday.Or two two-milers. Or four one-milers. Or one three-miler and a one-miler. I think you get the idea. 

So I'm celebrating with something that's been proven to help improve speed and endurance:

Whaaat?! This is how I train!

I'm a little embarrassed (mainly by the upcoming picture) but I decided earlier this week that I was going to hop on the Abs By April challenge that Megan over at Run Like a Grl has started! I'm half excited-half terrified because my abs (really I shouldn't even be calling them abs, "mid-section area" is more accurate) are positively shameful. I've never in my entire life had a flat stomach. Like EVER. I really believe that a huge part of a person's physical build is genetic, because I have the exact same body as my mother. No hips, no boobs, and a little midsection pudge. Which is also equal to that of a preteen old boy. I kindove lost track of where I was going with this...OH YEAH, it's probably about time I incorporate a little bit of core work. The reason I share stuff like this with all of cyber space is because the more people I tell the harder it is for me to quit (i.e. deciding to run the half marathon). Sooo this is my before picture:


Aaanyways. The goal is abs by April. I will be perfectly content with AB (singular) by April. The challenge for this week was a plank every day. I've only done two since I just hopped on the ab train yesterday. I lasted a whole entire minute today and by the end was cursing the very day I was born. (Don't you wanna be my workout partner?) It has occurred to me that if I want to see results, I might consider chilling out on the chocolate and wine as well. But hey, I did a plank today. It's fine. 

In other fitness-y related news, there is a 13 races in 2013 challenge that's floating around the blogosphere. I'm totally game for that! I've already started trying to put together a list of some local races that I want to run this year. If anyone in the North Texas area is running anything fun (or not fun, I'm really not picky) please share and I will run with you. Literally anyone. I'm easy like that. As soon as I've compiled a list of my "13 in 2013" I'll be sharing. Duh. Cause sharing is caring. 

Because it's almost Friday I have to incorporate some whimsy into this post so I will leave you with my new favorite thought-provoking quote:



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A delicious dinner and the song that never gets old

I have so much good news tonight that I hardly know where to start. But food seems like an obvious first choice.

Dinner was GREAT. I know this is a terrible picture, but my romantic dining room lighting isn't really conducive to fine food photography. Also I was distracted by the deliciousness and my hunger sooooo that's why my plate is halfway finished. Oops.

I LOVED that dinner. From start to finish the entire thing took about 10 minutes. That is my kind of dinner. All I had to do was boil up some fettuccine, cook the shrimp on the skillet with a little bit of olive oil, and then dump the sauce in the skillet with the shrimp until bubbly. I literally threw that on top of the pasta and served it with some green beans and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'M. Gourmet baby. 

After you've had such a scrumptious dinner, it seems almost like blasphemous not to follow it up with an equally as scrumptious dessert. Taylor is sweet and treated the roommate and I to fro-yo. I'm ashamed and also a little proud to say mine was the biggest and had the most toppings which really just means that I'm the best. 

Creating the perfect blend of fro-yo toppings is a skill that I have definitely mastered. 
I cannot eat fro-yo without strawberries, lots of chocolate, and some type of crunch. Tonight it was granola. YUM.

Tonight Taylor agreed that in order to continue fulfilling his destiny of making me happy no matter what the cost, he would quit his job to focus full-time on building me this perfect Pinterest dream house. Really. He shook on it. 

So, I'm pretty excited about that. 

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded Spotify on my computer at work and it was the BEST IDEA EVER. I can listen to literally any song I feel like listening to. I almost don't know what to do with all this musical freedom. It is a little overwhelming. Lately I can't get enough of:

OH-SO-GOOD. I love love love love love love this album. After listening to it on repeat for days and days and days, I've decided that Piano Man is the song that will never get old. EVER. Seriously, is it not the best song ever?? EVER!?!! Okay. You probably catch my drift by now. But if you don't raise your glass and bust out in song and dance every time you hear this song, I probably don't want to be your friend. Just sayin'. 

Because this post has been nothing but happy thoughts, I do have to bring it back down to earth with something that really pissed me off...

Okay, you may not be able to tell, but the bottom right spot, where there is supposed  to be a piece of gum, is EMPTY AND REPLACED WITH TWO LITTLE CRESCENT LIKE SHAPES OF NOTHINGNESS.  What is the meaning of this????!!!! How on earth can you claim to be giving me 50% more when you are jacking a random piece of gum and replacing it with NOTHING?!!!! What the hell Eclipse?

Ugh. The angry consumer letter goes out tomorrow. 

Tonight's workout was a quick half hour of cross training on the elliptical. That resistance on that thing is kicking my butt, my legs feel the burn the entire time. Apparently feeling the burn is good for you. All I know is that it gives me time to watch HIMYM on my phone. But I'm ready for a run tomorrow!

What's the song you could listen to on repeat for the rest of your life and never get sick of?

Favorite fro-yo topping?



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Good Advice

Because I love you all, I'm going to give you some really good advice. Just listen, heed my warning, and do as I say.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to Petsmart on your lunch break. Ever. Don't do it. Just don't. Go to Target, go to the mall, go to chick-fil-a, go take a nap, go paint your nails, do anything just leave Petsmart out of it.

Even if your coworker asks you to come with her to pick out fish for hew new awesome glow in the dark office fish tank. Even if you think it'll be fun because it's a new store and they have an awesome new adoption center. No. Seriously. BAD IDEA.

Because the minute you set foot into that place, you'll hear....

"In the aaaarms of the aaaangels......."

The puppies need us guys!

Deep, dark, golden retriever sized hole in my heart. And now I've sunk into a deep dark depression because I have no man's best friend sitting next to me licking himself as I type.

Anyways, after choking back tears, we walked out of Petsmart with three glowfish (which are NOT as cute as puppies). While I think fish are ewie, these suckers glow in the dark so they're like party fish at a rave, and they are an office distraction so I approve.

I think the official fish names are Flash, Pumpkin, and Bubbles. I suggested Mandela, Castro, and Clinton because I like to stick with a theme and questionable political figures seemed like the obvious choice, but that was quickly veto'd. (Talk about a waste of my creativity.)

I'm trying to eat crazy healthy and clean this week (trying-operative word there) because it is officially less than five weeks till race day and I hate feeling all full and heavy when I run. I'm really missing my five chocolate doses a day. I bet if I had a dog I'd be so distracted that I wouldn't be having these cravings...

The Bachelor makes me such an unstable emotional roller coaster. I've never experienced so many emotions in one two hour segment. (Except for the Kardashian weddings, but those are four hours long so my statement still stands.) My roommate is NO fun and always cheats and reads Reality Steve's spoilers before the season even starts, so the entire time we watch I'm back and forth between, "I HAVE TO KNOW" and "IF YOU TELL ME YOU DIE." I'm going to be a total mess for the next 10 weeks.

Continuing with the random nature of this post, look what I found at Target tonight!

I'm assuming these things are brand new, because Target is my second home. I mean I notice when they change the lightbulbs so I'm pretty sure I would've seen these if they'd been out awhile. But how cool?! These were on sale for two bucks, and I'm going to whip some up tomorrow night and throw it on top of some fettuccine. And I will definitely let you know how it is. And no, it's not really healthy, but since it's a pre-made white wine and garlic sauce, that means I won't have to waste my own white wine which means more in my glass! Holla. Glass half full people, glass half full.



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pinata Party and a run FAIL

In case you haven't been paying attention, I'm a little obsessed  with my best friend. Since her birthday was this past Wednesday, we reserved Saturday night for celebrating. I have a serious disorder which causes me to blow birthdays way out of proportion to the extent that nothing else matters, and this one was no exception.

So yesterday afternoon, after pit stops at Walmart, Target, and the party store, I loaded up my car with all the essentials and headed out to Dallas for the celebratin'.

Something inside of me felt guilty for shutting that little guy inside of my trunk. I felt less guilty later hacking into him with a bat as it rained butterfingers. 

 We started off the evening with dinner at Bucca di Beppo, which is amazinnnggggg family style Italian. After some careful planning, we decided ordered an assortment of the best dishes ever and stuffed our faces all in honor of Allison's birthday. At least that's what I told myself. 

After we awoke from the food coma, we headed back to her new apartment for piece(s) de resistance- DESSERT AND PINATA.


The thing about a pinata is, you've gotta have somewhere to hang it. This is especially tricky in an apartment complex. Luckily, no one is as innovative as a group of twenty-somethings.

Problem solved. 

Allison, thanks for being born and giving us a fabulous mid-January reason to celebrate!

 I mentioned earlier this week that since I was going to be in Dallas for the birthday party, I was going to use White Rock Lake for my long Sunday run. I loved it so much when I ran on Thanksgiving morning that it just made sense. The trail all the way around the lake is a beautiful 9 miles, so I was all pumped up when I set out this afternoon. It was about 70 degrees in Dallas so I pulled out the shorts and tank top for the first time in 2013. 

About five miles into the run, I decided it was time for some fuel. Unforunately for me, the only thing I had with me was a Gu Gel (and if you remember, I am not a gel fan). What I also didn't plan for was how much water I'd be consuming. I loaded my fuel belt up with my usual two small water bottles, but because it was unusually warm, I downed those in no time. The lake is pretty well lined with plenty of water fountains, but they were ALL turned OFF. I was frantically sprinting towards each one praying to God that one would work. So by five and a half miles, I was completely dehydrated, and I'd just downed my nasty Gu Gel and had NO WATER to follow it with. This has happened to me once before, and if I don't chug plenty of water after a gel, my stomach is in knots. I made it just past six miles before I called it quits and had my sweet friend pick me up and save me. TOTAL run fail. I hate days like that. Even though it was a great six miles, it just wasn't the run that I had set out to accomplish, and that's really frustrating. Especially when you have something this pretty to motivate you:

Oh well. Crappy runs happen. Hopefully this will be the last crappy run, because as of today, only 35 days until the Cowntown!




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