Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You had me at "Wow House"

Came home tonight to find this on my door:

I'm intrigued...
Props all around to the Wow House crew for such brilliant marketing strategy. I mean, it definitely made me want some lo mein. If I ever open...well any type of establishment, remind me that I want to name it "House of Wow." It's not cheating because I bet you anything that Wow House isn't copyrighted yet. Also, you're welcome Wow House for all the free advertising.

Tonight I decided to bust out the new shoes for their first ever run.

PURPLE PURPLE I LOVE YOU PURPLE. Also sorry for my sweaty pit photobomb. That was rude.

I think the treadmill and I are rekindling our romance. It was pretty mad at me there for awhile cause of all the outside run cheatin' but I'm back baby.

After my lovely little run, I had a nice cool down stroll at my favorite place in all of the land:

I thought now would be a good time to preach to you about the one thing in life that I do not cheap out on...


I don't care if that's too much information. I could be living in a cardboard box and I would still overpay for my TP. Cheap toilet paper SUCKS. And if this Tuesday bluesday has got you down you should watch this video right now for Ellen's similar stance on toilet paper that is so cheap it also doubles as party streamers.

This is no time to celebrate!

Because I indulge in fancy toilet paper, I often buy in bulk. Probably around this time last year, I was hanging out with some friends when I went on a (perhaps drunken) tirade about how people just need to suck it up and buy the fancy toilet paper because if you buy the fancy toilet paper you actually use less so really it's more expensive to buy the cheap toilet paper because you have to use half a roll to really accomplish anything. Well apparently my speech did not go unheard because for my birthday last year I received what I'm sure was the greatest gift of all time- a massive 48 pack of FANCY TOILET PAPER! Best present ever. To celebrate, I invited everyone over to use my toilet.

So, I'm not kidding when I tell you that I haven't bought toilet paper since June of 2012. Not kidding people.  But the time did come, for more toilet paper.  

Everybody loves the sweaty girl with a cart full of bananas, milk, and a cumulative 47 million feet of heavy duty quadruple ply. Sexy, huh?

For dinner, I almost dialed up Wow House, but I decided to stick with my beloved Pasadena salad and a sweet potato that wasn't actually very good but I ate it any way because I'd already made it. 

Yes, that's a mixing bowl full of salad. I thought you might not believe me so I also took a picture of it in relation to my computer. 

And y'all I'm not even full. 

Now I need to get out of my sweaty gym clothes and into the shower/bed because I somehow managed to talk my boss into doing a 5am spin class with me. I don't know what I was thinking, because he agreed, and now I have to show up. 
I'm terrified. 



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  1. That's how I make salads too.. no such thing as a salad without being served in an actual serving bowl!
    Making early AM workout committments bites me in the butt too-but I'm always glad I did it afterwards.



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