Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I talk to the TV

Today marks two and a half years of Taylor

Fake us

Real us

Tater Tot: I thank God for you every single day. I know half anniversaries don't really count but I'm a girl. Plus it's more exciting than just Wednesday. So here's to having no clue where we are going, or what we are doing in life. Thanks for sticking around this long. I promise it's about to get good :)

Enough of that. I just finished off my hidden stash of pretzel M&M's so I'm pretty shook up about it. In more interesting news, here is your bi-monthly Lizard update:

Either Lizard thinks it's real cool to invite friends over to party, or Lizard is a she and is multiplying rapidly. (I don't know anything about Lizard reproduction/gestation...no actually I'm pretty sure they don't gestate.) Yesterday alone there were three lizard sightings in three separate areas of the home. One was outside but it was disturbingly close to the door so I think technically that's still my turf. The spike in lizard sightings means one thing.

Fuzzy Crocs never leave the feet. 
Lizard-1 , Natalie-0

No, I'm not over it.

Lastly, I love you Bachelor Pad. Vienna and Kasey are PSYCHO and it just makes for the best two hours of Monday night television ever. Literally every time Vienna opened her mouth was followed with a "SHUT UP, PINOCCHIO, YOU ARE COMING OFF STUPID." comment from me to the TV. Glad I was home alone. Will someone please sign me up for The Bachelor so I can get sent home after visiting some really fantastic and tropical location and can then be on the next season of Bachelor Pad with all these crazy psycho skanks?!? I have a new dream. Watch out, MLK. And seriously, someone sign me up. I'm super eligible.

Love & Other Indoor Sports,


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