Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I talk to the TV

Today marks two and a half years of Taylor

Fake us

Real us

Tater Tot: I thank God for you every single day. I know half anniversaries don't really count but I'm a girl. Plus it's more exciting than just Wednesday. So here's to having no clue where we are going, or what we are doing in life. Thanks for sticking around this long. I promise it's about to get good :)

Enough of that. I just finished off my hidden stash of pretzel M&M's so I'm pretty shook up about it. In more interesting news, here is your bi-monthly Lizard update:

Either Lizard thinks it's real cool to invite friends over to party, or Lizard is a she and is multiplying rapidly. (I don't know anything about Lizard reproduction/gestation...no actually I'm pretty sure they don't gestate.) Yesterday alone there were three lizard sightings in three separate areas of the home. One was outside but it was disturbingly close to the door so I think technically that's still my turf. The spike in lizard sightings means one thing.

Fuzzy Crocs never leave the feet. 
Lizard-1 , Natalie-0

No, I'm not over it.

Lastly, I love you Bachelor Pad. Vienna and Kasey are PSYCHO and it just makes for the best two hours of Monday night television ever. Literally every time Vienna opened her mouth was followed with a "SHUT UP, PINOCCHIO, YOU ARE COMING OFF STUPID." comment from me to the TV. Glad I was home alone. Will someone please sign me up for The Bachelor so I can get sent home after visiting some really fantastic and tropical location and can then be on the next season of Bachelor Pad with all these crazy psycho skanks?!? I have a new dream. Watch out, MLK. And seriously, someone sign me up. I'm super eligible.

Love & Other Indoor Sports,


Monday, August 15, 2011

Please Make it Stop: A bunch of scary semi-grown-up stuff that's happening right now.

I know I am literally the world's worst blogger. I also know that I over-use the word literally. But here's what's been going on lately.

  • Summer coming to a close. (Which I did NOT okay, but it's almost as if no one cares...)
  • Jacklyn getting hitched (CHECK!)
  • Getting ready for student teaching (HOLY CRAP WHAT I'M SCARED HELP ME NOW!)

So as you can see I've been very busy/fragile recently so maybe it'll make me more forgivable. 

Well Jacklyn is officially married. It was definitely one of the top weekends of the summer (really only topped by my twenty-first birthday at the beginning of the summer and her bachelorette party last weekend, and that's because those are intended to be crazy-never-spoken-about-again-weekends which are automatically the MOST fun). It was honestly such a beautiful weekend and without going overly after-school-speical on you I have to say being a part of it was just an amazing experience. I feel like this wedding was so special to me. I've lived with Jacklyn for the past two and a half years, and she's become one of my dearest friends. I was also lucky enough to be part of the group that was there for her and Matt's engagement (Check out the GORGEOUS tear-jerking video!) Their day flew by, but it was picture perfect! She was a stunning bride! And I don't have a camera so I'm forced to wait for other people to upload their pictures of the weekend, so until then I'll just give you a couple crappys that I snapped on my phone.  

This is not a good picture, but it DOES show
our dresses and the color scheme and
pretty plates and yada yada.

Happy little couple.

Just lovely lovely lovely. 


So today I had to wake up at 5:30 because Taylor's been house sitting and that's when he woke up for work and I had to leave when he left cause I didn't have a key (whoaaaa long boring run-on sentence). Anyways, we woke up at 5:30 which was so ungodly early and I was rolling in the sheets around crying "Ohh my gosh NOOOO this sucksssss I hate morningssssssss."  You know all dramatic like. And then I was like, "OH-MY-GOD. One week from today I will be awake at this time BY CHOICE because I have to be at the school by SEVEN!" And then I was freaking out more. This is NOT okay! Here are my real feelings about this: 

I am excited* to start student teaching. However, along with excited* come words such as anxious, terrified, panicked and nervous-wreck. Just to name a few. I met with my cooperating teacher last week, and she's absolutely awesome. Meeting with her definitely calmed me down a little bit. After ten years of teaching first grade, this is her first time teaching fourth, so even though I'll be wayyy out of my comfort zone with big kids, it's nice to know that we'll both be dealing with a lot of new experiences together. And I love kids and I am ready to be back in the classroom setting for sure. But still, I am a girl of many freak-outs. In all honestly, I am nothing short of terrified, slightly traumatized, and I no longer judge people for self-medicating to treat panic attacks cause I'm like 96% sure I've had about fifteen in the past three hours and it's time to get this mess UNDER CONTROL. If there are any readers out there who have been in my shoes before and have any comforting words of wisdom, help please, my sanity is at stake.

The only thing that is keeping me from falling apart right now and maintaining a sense of normalcy is the fact that it's MONDAY which means BACHELOR PAD!!!!!!! Two drama-filled hours. Love it. Also I've been thinking really really vivid thoughts about Chick-fil-a for like a week and a half so I will more than likely treat myself for dinner.

So there you have it. The super grown-up things that have been scaring the mess out of me. (Well, there's nothing grown-up about Bachelor Pad and Chick-fil-a but thats okay.) I have six days left before the real word rudely comes to call, so buy me a drink and drop an encouraging line before I LOSE IT and this becomes my face PERMANENTLY.

Slowly losing my mind. With Style.
No really, I'M FINE!

*Love and Other Indoor Sports,


*P.S. If you can tell me what Judy Blume book that is from I will name you my soulmate and it will be so impressive. I love Judy Blume.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is not interesting.

For the five of you who read this, sorry I'm so boring. Oh well.

So today I went to Half-Price Books. Let's just talk about how going into Half-Price Books you will almost certainly encounter some of the weirdest people EVER. Like seriously if you're looking for oddballs head right on over. So naturally this is where I choose to hang out on a hot summers afternoon. You know, to be with my kind. It's like returning to the mothership really. Anyways, while perusing the disorganized shelves of Half-Price Books, I had this mini-life-epiphany. (Cause I'm really smart and these things just come to me sometimes.) Here 'tis:

HELLO. Why can't you judge a book by its cover? Think about it. That cliche makes NO SENSE. Are books not meant to be judged by their covers??! No, I'm not stupid, seriously, just sit back and think about it. I mean, hello! First impression?? If you can't judge a book by its cover then what the hell can you judge it by?!!!???!?!! Alright, let's start from square one. When you're walking around Barnes and Noble (or Half-Price Books, if you have my budget) the thing that makes you pick up the book in the first place is how really fantastically attractive the cover is. So, in combat, I move that we switch the cliche to "Don't judge a book by its title." Cause that's harder. Titles are way harder than covers. It took me like six hours to come up with my blog title and it's still lame with a side of lame sauce. So there.

{Actually now that I think about it maybe I take that whole rant back. Because what if you have a book with a lazy author who doesn't care about having a badass title or cover but they are so brilliant and so the book is really awesome but you NEVER know because it had a hideous cover and a really non-alluring (word?) title.  But it's still awesome. So now I'm second guessing myself. Dang. I'm confused.}

This is why I am a terrible blogger.


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