Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is not interesting.

For the five of you who read this, sorry I'm so boring. Oh well.

So today I went to Half-Price Books. Let's just talk about how going into Half-Price Books you will almost certainly encounter some of the weirdest people EVER. Like seriously if you're looking for oddballs head right on over. So naturally this is where I choose to hang out on a hot summers afternoon. You know, to be with my kind. It's like returning to the mothership really. Anyways, while perusing the disorganized shelves of Half-Price Books, I had this mini-life-epiphany. (Cause I'm really smart and these things just come to me sometimes.) Here 'tis:

HELLO. Why can't you judge a book by its cover? Think about it. That cliche makes NO SENSE. Are books not meant to be judged by their covers??! No, I'm not stupid, seriously, just sit back and think about it. I mean, hello! First impression?? If you can't judge a book by its cover then what the hell can you judge it by?!!!???!?!! Alright, let's start from square one. When you're walking around Barnes and Noble (or Half-Price Books, if you have my budget) the thing that makes you pick up the book in the first place is how really fantastically attractive the cover is. So, in combat, I move that we switch the cliche to "Don't judge a book by its title." Cause that's harder. Titles are way harder than covers. It took me like six hours to come up with my blog title and it's still lame with a side of lame sauce. So there.

{Actually now that I think about it maybe I take that whole rant back. Because what if you have a book with a lazy author who doesn't care about having a badass title or cover but they are so brilliant and so the book is really awesome but you NEVER know because it had a hideous cover and a really non-alluring (word?) title.  But it's still awesome. So now I'm second guessing myself. Dang. I'm confused.}

This is why I am a terrible blogger.


  1. I don't think your blog is boring at all! I like it :)

  2. you may be a bad blogger, but you are hilarious.



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