Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eating in bed

I am having a problem with eating in bed. Really I'm not opposed to eating in bed. Actually, I firmly believe that eating is most thoroughly enjoyed from a reclined position. I do it all the time. The problem is more of what I'm eating...and the hour at which I'm eating. Typically past 10pm and chocolate, always chocolate. Lately...these...

You see what happened was that my sweet coworker gave me some of these amazing dark chocolate dipped pretzel crisps for Christmas. Well she's a GENIUS and they were a huge hit and it took me all of thirty seconds to devour that bag, and then I was sad. So I went to Target and saw them and bought three more bags. These suckers are 3 bucks a piece, so you know I was obviously VERY serious to invest 9 dollars in my sweet tooth when it can be easily satisfied for far less. So I went through those bags in about a minute and a half (keeping up my impressive pace of 30 seconds) and I was sad again. I went to Target yesterday and was browsing by the clearance Christmas aisle when I saw-


So after I hyperventilated, I bought six bags. I felt like six was reasonable, because that was all they had and I realized I probably couldn't fit more than that in my nightstand. Yes, the good chocolate goes in the nightstand, because when you need it, you usually don't want to go all the way downstairs to get it. Which is what has led to the constant and problematic eating in bed. 

Moral of the story is I can't stop. I mean, I'm serious. I can't stop. 

So my thinking is the only way to get a handle on my problem is to just take one for the team and eat them all tonight so that they are gone and I am no longer tempted. Thoughts?

On a healthier note, I finally tried out the shoes today! 

I ran a quick little four miles, and did a short hill workout on the elliptical. They were so light and beautiful and perfect that I fell in love and decided to keep them on all day including to my delicious dinner at Blue Sushi & Sake.

I really love sushi. I don't I could ever get tired of it. Which coincidentally happens to be the exact same way I feel about my chocolate dipped pretzels...and hamburgers. 

Oh well.



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