Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I am completely aware that I have been a terrible blogger. There could not be a busier time of year than the holidays and it's wearing me thin. Only three more work days until a full ELEVEN DAYS of absolutely nothing. Did you hear me????! ELEVEN DAYS. I'm am foaming at the mouth thinking about it. (That's a good thing.) I've been thinking about this vacation since July and IT'S ALMOST HERE Y'ALL!

Itty bitty weekend recap...

Even though Christmastime means going a million miles a minute for the first 25 days of December, there is a ton of good that comes along with it. Presents, parties, and food mainly. This past Friday my favorite (and only) roomie and I had a girl's Christmas party. Think fabulous food, wine, sparkly dresses, dancing, and a whole hell of a lotta talking.

Although all this Christmas food and partying has probably packed on an extra five pounds, I did manage to run a gorgeous seven miles this weekend in our 70 degree December Saturday. Gotta love Texas. And I do. 

After my Saturday morning run, I met up with some of the friends that were still in town for some long overdue and UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE sushi  and shopping.

The only bad thing about the late morning weekend run is that you
 look like this while everyone else looks so gorgeous! Oh wells. 
Saturday night I hit up another party. Taylor's best friend Andy had a birthday this weekend so we all got together for birthday/christmas party to celebrate. (Even though I have no good pictures to prove it.) I love how the stars align this time of year and everyone manages to be in the same place at the same time and I get to see all my favorite people. Can it be Christmas always? Please.

Sunday I hit up the weekend's final Christmas party. I met up with my Dad's side of the family to do a mini Christmas get together where I ate a lot and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over THIS


My beautiful Christmas present from my dad. I am 100% confident that you can never go wrong with James Avery but I've been eyeing this thing since October and now that it's on my finger I find myself staring at my hands more than normal. But I mean, SO PRETTY. 

Also I want you all to know how fabulous my brother is and how I am equally as obsessed with him as I am with my new bling. 

Seriously, that's a good looking kid right there!

Since I'm on a role with obsessions, I must also tell you how OBSESSED I am with his gorgeous senior pictures done by my fab bestie over at Allison Jean Photo. I'm rotating the pictures as my background all day long on my work computer and he is just so adorbs. That's right Benjamin, I called you adorbs. I get to call him that because not five minutes ago he was a four year old in a chili bowl wearing my dresses. 

I wasn't kidding. I'm almost creepy.
I'm trying my hardest to keep up with running, blogging, working, oh and living life. But you know, it's hard. Now I'm going to watch one of my all time favorite Christmas movies.

What's your favorite Christmas movie?



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  1. I just bought the family stone! It was $5 at Target! Woohoo!

    Also, I'm going to blog his pictures this week, I swear. haha. Even though it doesn't matter because you've seen them all sooooo...



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