Monday, June 9, 2014

Kenny Chesney & bundt cake. Also, did I dream cheat on my husband?

 When I was thirteen, I fell in love with Kenny Chesney.

Recently, he's gotten old. And I don't care much for that. But still, he's wonderful.
Plus, listen to this song without crying. I DARE YOU.

Anyways, last night I had a dream that I was at a house party (super normal) and he walked up to me (don't even ask if he was wearing the cowboy hat, OF COURSE he was wearing the cowboy hat. Dont' be stupid.) and was noticeably upset and stressed out. So I decided to kiss him to help him relax. It worked, and then we fell in love.

For the rest of the dream we were sneaking around the house party making out in various bathrooms. What does this say about me? Well, I'm not sure. I'm not quite sure.

Anyways after the dream, I woke up to the sound of rain. Well technically I woke up to the sound of Taylor getting in the shower, but once I got out of bed I did notice that it was also raining. So, there's that.

Remember when I asked you to take the survey? (Which is still open in case you missed it!) Well, four of you said you want to see less of food talk. Well, JOKES ON YOU! I will NEVER stop talking about food. You'll have to go elsewhere for that nonsense. Cause BREAKFAST.

But for real, I love bagels.

And then all day long I listened to Kenny Chesney on Spotify while I worked. Cause, I want him to know how real it was for me, you know?


This afternoon I had a near panic attack when I realized that my free birthday Nothing Bundt Cake expires TODAY. And I would rather die than have to walk this earth knowing I let a free bundt cake slip through my fingers. So that was my lunch errand.

CRAP. I just realized I haven’t eaten any vegetables yet today. OMG. Oh wait, do guacamole and lettuce on a pulled pork taco count? They are green. For the purpose of this argument, let’s say yes. Phew. That was a close one.

Taylor and I had a few spare hours this weekend so we decided to finally watch The Wolf of Wall Street.

I LOVED IT. I mean, there was a LOT of cocaine in there. But I loved it. OHMYGOSH. The movie, not the cocaine. Cocaine is bad, kids. Really bad. But Leo? Leo is really incredible. 

Taylor’s attention span mirrors that of a four year at Chuck E. Cheese with unlimited game tokens, so he peaced out after about an hour and a half and started playing games on his phone. Which was fine, because that meant I had Leo alllll to myself.

Hahaha. Like, I don’t even care what he’s laughing about.

I don’t remember where I was even going with that. I don’t think I had a point. I just really wanted to find a reason to justify google image searching Leonardo DiCaprio. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

But as far as Mondays go, this one did not suck. When was the last time Texas saw a sub 80 degree day in June? Answer? Well, you could probably look it up on the internet, but I’m going to go ahead and guess it’s a REALLY LONG TIME.

And you can’t let that go to waste. 3 quick miles before dinner in some pretty decent weather! Can't complain about that. And then I foam rolled, cause I'm trying to be better about that. But crap, it hurts.

Running with Brittany this weekend reminded me we are just five weeks away from El Scorcho! #YIKES

Post run I whipped up some fish tacos courtesy of Mix &Match Mama

They were summer-y and delicious. And, most importantly, crazy easy.

Just me. Cutting onions. Trying not to cry.

There is a huge black hole in my life now that we are all caught up on the Mindy Project and we’re in this weird limbo of being in-between seasons and feeling really purposeless. So to fill that void, I’m 
reading her book. Our lives are eerily similar. Except for the whole massive Hollywood success part. 

She’s kindove my fave.

(Just in case you guys missed it, J. Crew is offering an extra 40% off their sale items right now! It's awesome and I just snatched up another pair of Chino shorts for under $20. WHAT A STEAL. The promo code ends tonight, so if you are a fellow J. Crew lover, check it out!)




  1. JUST finished Mindy's book (like one hour ago). FUNNY. Have you read Tina Fey's? Funny. Brad Paisley's book? Not that funny, but informative.

    1. AHH, no I haven't! I need to though. I also need to quit my job so I can catch up on the last five years of reading.

  2. There are at least ten reasons why I love this post. #1 being Mindy... she's at the top of my list for people I would want to be BFFs with in real life.

    1. Right?!!?! She is the absolute greatest. If I ever get to hang with her (fingers crossed) I'll invite you to come along :)



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