Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vacation here we come!

After what may have been the best weekend of all time, I can finally breathe, because as of 5pm today, I'm officially on VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also, in other exciting news...my little brother graduated high school last night!

I'm sorry that one blurry Iphone pic is all I have. Here let me supplement with another one. Because two crappy Iphone pics = one decent Iphone pic right?

CRAZY proud of that guy! Also I feel old. 


I woke up this morning to this!

Getting through that one last work day until you are on vacation is brutal, but having a cute Ranger's tervis tumbler that your sweet coworker got you for your birthday makes the time pass by a little quicker :)

Plus, Y'ALL. Check out my fortune cookie from lunch today!

Get it?!?!!!??! Top of the world???!! MOUNTAINS??!! I know.

Our flight leaves late tomorrow morning, and I am all set and ready to go! I can usually manage to convince myself that I'm a pretty low maintenance person (no laughing Mom and Taylor) until I have to start packing...


I can't wait to be relaxing in a cabin in the mountains! Brace yourself for lotttsssss of pictures!




  1. Enjoy Colorado!
    I would love to visit Colorado someday! :)

  2. Have a good vaycay...I look forward to seeing all your pics!



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