Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The BEST birthday EVER recap

Before I set off on what I expect to be the best five days of my whole entire life, I thought I'd catch you up on the details of the most amazing 23rd birthday there ever was. For those of you who don't know me, (or those of you who haven't been paying attention) I LOVE birthdays. They are a big. freaking. deal.

Yeah just like that. 

Anyways, after a little family birthday dinner on Friday night, I woke up at 6:30 ready to go for a birthday weekend run and test out my new present.

It was HOT. Like crazy hot. And worse than hot, it was humid. I ran approximately seventeen steps before I was dripping in sweat and cursing the fact that I didn't adequately prepare for all the beads of sweat that continued to blind me throughout my run. After the first mile, it got really dark, and I kept waiting (fingers crossed) for the skies to open up and the downpour to begin, but it never did. It just stayed hot, and humid, and ewie. 

Around mile three I ran into my friend Caitlin which was exciting and gave me a little boost of energy and kept me distracted from the sweat situation. You are welcome for the spectacular sweaty iphone photography.

Also of note, at least half a dozen people I passed on the trails felt it necessary to make the comment...

"WHOA. That's a lot of water."

Yeah. Water. Cause I'm thirsty, moron

Really I'm a super high maintenance runner and require a massive gulp of water at least every quarter of a mile. And that need just intensifies when I'm running in 90 degree weather. 

This run was not at all what I'd hoped it would be. It was the slowest run I've had in a very long time, and that last mile was really really hard, but at least I had an adorable purple Garmin to document my suckiness. 
Perspective, people. 

The rest of Saturday was spent staring at the clock counting the minutes down until birthday dinner! 
What I thought was going to be a get together of about 6 of my best friends quickly turned into a group of 18 and resulted in me feeling super popular and just really really loved. 

That's my best friend who is so gorgeous that I'm really considering breaking up with her because it is rude to show up to a party looking prettier than the birthday girl. 

For the past few years, Taylor's roommate Jordan has gotten me peachie-o's and scratch offs for my birthday. The tradition continues and now I am a whopping three dollars richer. Thanks Jordy.

I know what you are thinking. It is super classy of me to carry my Rangers coozie with me at all times. I know. I'm like a boy scout, always prepared. 

Chuy's Chuy's get in my belly.

Some of my favorite girls in the whole wide world! 

Fun fact: I've lived with every single one of these girls at some point in my life! (Except for Emily in the striped shirt. But we had all of the same education classes so we may have well as lived together!)

After stuffing our faces at Chuy's we all headed over to Barcadia for drinks and games and some not so pretty attempts at dancing.

JENGA! (If I was paying better attention I would've found a sharpie and crossed out that 5/22 and replaced it with a 6/2 but my judgment may have been slightly impaired.)

As a party favor to you, I would like to present you with a video of one of my very entertaining dances of the  evening:

Yeah. You're welcome.

 Sunday morning (my actual birthday) we slept in, then went to a yummy breakfast at Einstein's where I treated myself to a birthday Dr. Pepper. I had forgotten how incredible they are. HOLY COW. So good. 

The rest of the day consisted of laying out by the pool, eating leftover cookie cake, and then heading over to my brother's graduation party.

Such a great weekend of celebrating! And the good news is...only 363 days until my birthday!




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