Thursday, April 3, 2014

GLITTER! - The Very Best Bachelorette Weekend (Part 2)

If it wasn't clear in part one, this weekend was all about the details.

After dancing our hearts out on Friday,  we woke up the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed with blistered feet and crazy appetites. Luckily these girls planned just about the sweetest brunch ever.

Somebody was really digging the powdered donuts. Alright, alright, I was the somebody. 

I love champagne in the morning. Actually I love champagne always. 

After brunch, Allison kicked all but a few of out of the house for a few hours to set up for the afternoon festivities. So naturally, we headed over to my favorite place in the entire world.

And left with random crap. As per usual. 

But when the Target sample lady force feeds you sweet and salty chex mix and THEN gives you a coupon for a DOLLAR OFF – you are left with no choice.

We headed back to Emily’s adorable glittery abode for lunch, cocktails garnished with penis straws, photo booth, dirty games, and lingerie.

So basically all of my favorite things.





After that everybody had to go home. Which is SO RUDE. Don’t they know I require that kind of love and affection 24/7???!!? Kidding, kidding. I only cried for like 20 minutes.

After cleaning up and spending the afternoon reliving all the epic stories from the night before, Allison and I decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather and go for a walk - Bachelorette style. AKA bra-less and with a champagne filled mason jar in hand.

I love her! Like wanna be around you all the time and squeeze your cheeks kind of love. LOVE HER.

And once you’ve had a mason jar or two of champagne, things start to get silly. Really silly.

I couldn’t have asked for a more kick-ass bachelorette weekend. Thank you to my sweet sweet friends who came out to celebrate and spoiled me rotten! 

You all are so gorgeous that it hurts my eyes and if I didn’t love you so much I’d punch you for sure. But really, I love you all more than words can say! Cheers to many more weekends like this last one!



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  1. Wow, that party is like the perfect snacks/decor that I see on Pinterest! Your friends are so amazing!



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