Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GLITTER! - The Very Best Bachelorette Weekend (Part 1)

The night that Taylor proposed was a whirlwind of sheer happiness, complete shock, and total excitement. But other than the whole "Taylor down on one knee thing" there's not a lot of specific moments that I remember from that night. But one that I do remember, is grabbing Allison's hand, jumping up and down, and screaming,


And y'all, it did not disappoint. It may very well have been the best weekend of my whole entire life.

Yeah, I said it. It was that good. Y'all - there was so much thought that went into every last detail. I have the most incredible maid of honor and the greatest group of crazy girl friends. It was the most perfect 48 hours of dancing, drinking, and laughing hysterically. The only thing that could have possibly made it better is it Gerard Butler crashed the party, but I understand he's a very busy man and I'm willing to look past it. :)

In case you’ve forgotten, my best friend is an incredible photographer who documented every last ounce of fun from this weekend. So get comfortable, because you are in for photo OVERLOAD. All photos courtesy of my absolute favorite/love of my life, Allison Harp Photography. Except for the shaky Iphone pictures. I want full credit for those. Ready…let’s go!

I decided to take the day off Friday, so I started the morning with a 7am yoga sesh. 

(PS super jealous of those of you that are able to get in a 7am workout. I have to be DONE with my workouts by 630 at the latest in order to get to work, so I loved being able to get in some yoga as the sun was rising. BEST feeling ever.) 
After that, I had a meeting with our wonderful day-of coordinator at Starbucks. Whilst at Starbucks, there was a super intense thing between me and the coffee cake - I don't want to get into it, but it resembled a stand off, and the coffee cake won. 

Even though I forgot most of the important stuff, and I dropped my phone approximately 17 times, I left feeling pumped about all things wedding related, and ready to get the bacheloretting started! (I really have a gift for creating my own verbs. It’s one of those skills I include on my resume.)

I’d been needing a haircut (for like 87 years but that’s beside the point) so I decided to schedule one for Friday afternoon so that I wouldn't have to do my own hair. #truestory  #allinthenameoflaziness

After that I was finally able to head out to Emily’s where half of the girls met up before heading out on the town.

Oh, PS - it was ADORABLE.

First up on the agenda was a photo shoot. I mean, really, are you surprised? I’m pretty lucky to have my very own built-in paparazzi. We arranged to meet up with the other half of our group at a rooftop overlooking Victory Park in Dallas. Because it’s all about the Glamour, y’all. 

Tell me this shot doesn’t SCREAM Sex & the City. I’m completely obsessed.

And then, all my favorite ladies!


HONESTLY. Have you ever seen a group of more beautiful girls?

And one more of this girl, just because I love the crap out of her.

After pictures and champagne, we headed over to Bucca di Beppo for dinner. (Sometimes nicknamed Baca dee Boopee by the occasional tipsy bridesmaid)

(Now commences the Iphone portion of the evening. You’re welcome in advance for the poor lighting and grainy texture.)
They took us in the back to this freakin’ quirky and adorable set up. And we dined with none other than The Pope. WEIRD is my forte.

And then, we FEASTED. 17,000 different kinds of cheesy pastas, prosciutto stuffed chicken, and peach bellinis.

Be still my happily beating heart.

Courtesy of Bucca di Beppo, sausage and balls for the bachelorette. Of course.

Our server was a total doll. He was hilarious and somehow completely unfazed by a group of eleven giggly girls outfitted in obscene amounts of sequins. So if you are ever at the Bucca di Beppo on Park Lane, ask for Brandon.
After dinner we headed over to 6th Street Bar and danced. ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

This is not an exaggeration. We are talking 3.5 consecutive hours of dancing in heels. I feel like a rock-star. Throughout the course of the evening, it came to my attention (via drunk girls in the bathroom line) that our posse had been nicknamed “The Sparkly Group.”

I have no idea why.

Seriously, greatest night EVER. Check back tomorrow for Part 2, you don't want to miss it!



  1. I feel sorry for me and Emily who have to have bachelorette weekends to try to follow THAT. we're gonna be talking about this weekend when we're old and gray and sitting on your front porch (notice, i didn't say my front porch because lordy knows i will be living out of a suitcase still and just rollin' through). I LOVE YOUUUU!!

  2. OMG that looks like it was such a fun night!!! I love that the restaurant gave you a sausage and meatballs, hilarious!!! lol



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