Friday, April 4, 2014

Allergies, Yoga, and, most importantly, Taco Bell.

I know what you're thinking.

"NATALIE. 3 posts in three days!? Calm the freak down."

Well, my bad y'all. My bad. There are just too many things to talk about. Like this:

Pardon my French but, OMG. It is OFFICIAL.

I promise I’ll probably maybe stop talking about wedding stuff soon-ish. IDK, maybe not. Deal with it.

And if you've been wondering why you've felt like complete and TOTAL CRAP this week, this is why:

Snot everywhere. Itchy eyes of misery. Coughing up all sorts of alien-like substances. Mouth breathing like Napoleon. Cue raspy telephone sick voice. It's been a fun week, y'all.

Okay, besides wedding countdowns and your daily dose of me whining, there is something of the utmost importance that we all need to discuss IMMEDIATELY.


The only problem here is that, if they really knew me, like knew me, deep down in my soul, they’d know my affinity for breakfast foods does NOT cut off like a timer at 11am! That kind of love is eternal, and has no time restraints. Dumbasses. So now, I’m being forced to make SIX stops at SIX different Taco Bell locations all in the name of not making a fool out of myself in front of the TB morning shift drive through employee. The things I do for shame’s sake, y’all.

Before you know it, this will quickly turn into a Whataburger taquito type situation where from the hours of 11pm-11am I am ravenously hungry for all things grease based! Thank God I’m getting married in four weeks, I can’t wait to give up this “healthy living” stuff once and for all and live on fast food for ever and ever and ever AMEN like all the happy people do.

I’d like to continue to talk to you about food. I know, I know, throwing you a curve ball. But it's now time for:

FOTW! (AKA - Food of the Week) 
*Loud cheers and crazy applause*

Alli got me a Ninja! I mean, us. She got us a Ninja. (Bleh, this whole "marriage = share all the crap" thing is going to get annoying REAL quick.) Anyway, it's been smoothie city up in here. 


I don't remember who told me to start pouring oatmeal and almond milk in a bowl and letting it sit in the fridge overnight, but whoever you were, thank you. It's fast and easy and therefore awesome. Also anything topped with chocolate chips and peanut butter is obviously destined for greatness. 

Yesterday at lunch, my Cane's chicken strip was shaped exactly like a whale. Please don't ask me what kind of whale because I didn't see Blackfish and I'm generally just uneducated on sea creatures. But I took it as a quite obvious sign that the Universe totally approves of our BFF whale watching trip coming up in August.

I found this recipe on Natalie Hodson's blog (she's totes adorbs) and I had everything it called for in my kitchen, so Zuchinni tater tots it was. 

And ketchup. Because the recipe told me to. And also because I love ketchup. 

And since I'm super healthy, (OMGkidding, please see above RE: Taco Bell) I’ve gone to yoga five days in a row and I am digging it. I've been hitting up the 530am class, and I lerrrrve waking up that way. Even though I’m nowhere close to being able to do handstand or crow or whatever the hell they're called, I’ve got a mean child’s pose.

Remember when I said I was going to start training for a 5k PR in May? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. PR training takes time, of which I have NONE at the current moment. #weddingplanningprobs And while we're at it, remember when I used to run? Yeah, me too. I've run twice in the past week, and one of those runs was a 1.5 mile trek around the block with Taylor. But I did somehow get talked into registering for THIS race in July!

15.6 miles. In July. At midnight. NBD.

Which will require me to actually get off my ass and train. I should probably get on that. And if I plan on fitting into my wedding dress, I should probably cool it on the gummy bears, too.

Hey good news y'all - it's FRIDAY!

Whatever, Dwight.
I have exciting plans for a run, yoga, and then lots of wine sprinkled with small bits of wedding related activities.



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