Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Date with my DVR

I have a theory about Mondays and Tuesdays. It goes like this:

Everybody whines and whines about Mondays. I love Mondays. By the time Monday rolls around and I get to work, everyone is in such a frenzy to catch up after all the time they lost over the weekend that it's a stunning display of organized chaos, and before you know it's 5o'clock and you're walking out the door. Mondays are a breeze. You can quote me on that.

But Tuesdays? Tuesdays are sly little bastards. I got to work today, checked my email, updated my calendars, listened to my messages, wrote out my to-do list, exchanged witty banter with the co-workers, picked out my playlist for the day, ate a banana, and then glanced over to corner of my computer screen... 



And that riveting story about sums up my Tuesday. Yes, it was that good. 

But you know what rocks about Tuesdays? Two words: New Girl! Die. SO amazing. I start to twitch with anxiety when they skip a week. It's almost as if the presidential candidates don't care about my weekly dose of Zooey Deschanel. Rude

This is true. 

{Running Update: Tonight's run was next to perfect. I somehow managed to shave almost 40 seconds per mile off my  pace. Don't ask me where that energy came from and don't expect it to happen again, but still, it was just the boost encouragement I needed. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that the weather will cool down for good. Please and thank you Jesus.}

Now if you will excuse me I have a date with my DVR, and a fiber one brownie. Please don't be jealous. It's a relationship that is built a mutual love and understanding. We get each other. 

Next time I will be more interesting. Promise.



PS: Did anyone else snag the T-Swift album yesterday? What do y'all think? I've got some pretty strong opinions currently forming, but I feel like I need to give it a full 24 hours before putting it on blast. 


  1. Yay for some new girls. I didn't get the album. Taylor swift for one she is like a emtional love roller coaster that reminds me of past loves but the song the last time.. i dig

  2. weEEEEEE are never ever ever...blah. Shit is so catchy. Or maybe i just like to say WEEEEE. Yeah, let's just go with that. LOVEYOURFACE.



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