Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grandma hip and a strawberry push pop?

I'm convinced that my body is totally clueless as to how old I am. I don't really blame it. It's not like me watching Golden Girls while simultaneously eating a push pop is exactly helping to clear things up. 

I have a bad hip. Like, seriously, I'm looking for any available Craigslist Orthopedic surgeon who might be willing to cut me a deal on an experimental/back-alley type hip replacement. I had an amazazing run on Tuesday, no pain, really one of the all time best runs I've ever had. Totally high on life. But the minute I stopped my hip started to bug me. It's crazy how I can be totally pain free running and the minute I start to walk the pain sets in. It's really just a feeling like I need to pop something back into socket. Super weird. So Wednesday I was dealing with the aftermath of that, I spent all day limping around work, and got home and did a really easy slow job with lots of walking, trying to walk it out. I am pretty much clueless when it comes to gauging how my body reacts to a workout. Has anyone (under the age of 65) experienced this? Today I had pretty much no pain at all, so I'm thinking the "walk it out" method was effective here, but tomorrow is long run day, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

So this weekend I bought myself a fancy purse. Normally I cringe at the thought of buying a purse because:
a) I don't like to spend more than $20 on ANYTHING. (Except a really delicious dinner. That's my exception.) and b) I always talk myself out of buying purses because my thought process goes like this "FORTY DOLLARS? Are they HIGH??? I can't buy this purse! I could buy FOUR SHIRTS for the price of this purse!" Irrational really. But I'm a little cray cray.

But y'all know how the story ends. I bought the purse. And it makes me smile every time I dig for my keys. It gorg and I'm obsessed with it so please please shower it with lots of comments.

Please ignore my sleepy unwashed hair and direct your attention to the purse.  So pretty.
Wednesday Tay came over. Wednesdays are pretty much our thing. I cook dinner. We eat dinner. He pretends to help me wash dishes while actually splashing me with water and throwing towels. But he does have a couple of redeeming qualities. He bought me a pink Ducks Unlimited hat. Now we officially match.
He's such a grown up with his tie and his fancy pens. You'd never know he tried to pants me while I was loading the dishwasher. Also don't panic, I did not feed the man onions, peas, and carrots for dinner. This was the early stages of fried rice. 
During dinner I may or may not have hinted at the fact that if I didn't get some fro-yo in my belly immediately someone was going to end up with a black eye. Let's just say that no one ended up with a black eye and I am now able to give you a very vivid oral description of every single flavor offered at our local fro-yo place. And yes, I am a member of their rewards program. 

Tonight I had a date with my absolute bestie. Now that we're both done with school, we only live about an hour apart, but we are both so crazy busy that it's still a treat when we get to hang out. The original plan was to meet up, grab dinner, and then go see Perks of Being a Wallflower. But you girls know that sometimes when you're at dinner and you're chowing down queso and rambling on about nothing that you get distracted. We wound up deciding that we'd rather just talk each others ears off than go to a movie. Don't worry, we'll redbox it. So we enjoyed our Fuzzy's tacos and then headed over to the mothership Target. I'm still a little unclear as to what happened there tonight because somehow I left without having purchased anything. Really, something must be wrong. Surely I am feverish. 

So I spent the whole night pushing an empty basket and being a good dressing room buddy.

I told her that her pose had to signify how the clothes made her feel. She felt "lost" in that shirt. 

Also I got engaged at Target! Totally kidding. but I'm pretty sure that a complete stranger could propose to me at Target and get a resounding YES because that place is like my Mecca and that type of euphoria is definitely conducive to my agree-ability. Also Taylor wasn't jealous AT ALL. Troublesome?

I think it should be noted that I had absolutely nothing to do with his name being changed to "Booty Call" in my phone. He did that all on his own. I'm far too mature for stuff like that. 

As we were checking out I managed to talk Allison into buying me a push-pop. Y'all. These things are SPRING LOADED now!! And delicious. 

Empty basket. One push pop.

I would say the past 48 hours were a huge success. I'm sooo excited that the weekend is almost here! Also the 50 degree weather means finally getting to bust out the winter clothes! Tomorrow I'm working a half day, going to the dentist, going on a long run and then joining the family in Dallas to celebrate my Mimi's 75th birthday! How are you guys planning to spend the weekend?




  1. I've been sporting a migraine for two days (read: hi i'm 26, NOT 21. Drinking alchol without a mixer while listening to blaring albeit incredible music is, in fact, a mistake.) but HI THIS MADE ME SMILE LIKE WOAH. Loveyoumeanit.

    1. I LOVE YOU! I feel like you're my blog groupie and I'm yours. This is a beautiful relationship we've got going here. Need to see you SOON!



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