Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend in way too many pictures

Is Tuesday too late for a weekend recap? Probably. Do I care? Not even a little bit.

Um, my weekend was great.

My Friday daytime consisted of this:

Yep. Those would be my teeth...
So when I was fourteen and I got my braces taken off, they told me I needed to get my wisdom teeth taken out. Then again when I was eighteen and about to go off to school they said, "Hey, you should really get those wisdom teeth taken out." Then I went to the dentist in March and he said, "Didn't I tell you like eight years ago to get your wisdom teeth taken out?" To which I replied, "Nope you are high on laughing gas and I have no idea what you are talking about." So I figured it was about time I looked into getting those suckers removed. Turns out that I do need to get them taken out. (I know, I was surprised too.) So I'm definitely going to get it taken care of before I turn thirty.

My Friday night consisted of this:

If you're not immediately overcome with jealousy and inspiration then, congratulations, your life is more exciting than mine.

My Saturday consisted of this:

My Saturday actually consisted of more than this, but
if I'm being honest this was definitely the highlight.
And Sunday...

My grandmother (AKA-Mimi, yes she's AWESOME) turned 75 last week, and we like to party. We had a little birthday brunch for her on Sunday, and I've gotta share some pictures that have been cracking me up. Just a little background, in my family, we like to overdo EVERYTHING. The bigger and more ridiculous, the better. (Shocking that I am a spawn of this, right?) So, duh, I went out to get balloons. Oh and HEY. Did y'all know that there is a national helium shortage? I call bull on that. But when four different employees from four different stores were looking at ME like I'M an idiot for not knowing this, I just rolled my eyes and took their word for it. Whatever. Freaking conspiracy.

So anyways, I ran to Target (again, shocking) to find ridiculous things to validate this celebration. I totally succeeded in finding some fabulous accessories. Exhibit A:

Sparkly Party Girl Hat
And Exhibit B:

You would not believe how entertaining these things turned out to be. My apologies for the excessive pictures, but come on, this is funny stuff.

Clearly, those were a hit. I was lucky to squeeze as much family time into this weekend as I usually have in a whole month. So of course a few more pictures...

My mom is beautiful
My brother is ridiculous
And cake is delicious.
Doing a late weekend recap makes me realize how quickly this week is already going by! Also, I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween. (Really what I can't believe is that it's almost November.) I'm not dressing up, but I will try my best to wear an orange shirt and eat lots and lots of candy, cause I'm no scrooge.


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  1. HI :) so i know I am like three weeks behind on commenting on this, but hey college is time consuming. WITH THAT SAID, can I explain to you how upset I am that we are running out of helium and therefore can't really get balloons? Unfortunately it's not bull, but I do think it's rather depressing because balloons are great for everything: celebrations, down days, or apologies. :( some scientist better come up with something!



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