Monday, July 8, 2013

I am actually really scared but the Oreos are helping.

I have news:

I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out in approximately 9 hours. 
And I am TERRIFIED. I mean really really scared.

I'm staying with my mom in Dallas tonight. She's going to take me to the doctor, supervise, feed me ice cream, and most likely take embarrassing pictures and auction them off to the highest bidder - you know, typical mommy stuff. Fortunately we share the same DNA and deal with stress in the same way...

Family size, because we're family. Obviously.
I'm trying to be rational though. I mean there are pros and cons.


And girly movie marathons. my bed. 



And most likely looking like this

I am genuinely afraid and so at this point I am only accepting comments along the lines of "OMG you will be totally fine and things will probably go so well that they will actually find a hundred dollar bill back there in your wisdom teeth."  Yes, that is what I am hoping for.

I'm going to be honest and tell you that my mom has got me hooked on Criminal Minds right now (HOW have I never watched this before??!!) so I have one eye on the computer and one eye on the TV which is multi-tasking for the modern woman but I still wanted to share a few pictures from an awesome four day weekend. Ready...GO!

World's best boyfriend

World's greatest midnight snack

World's cutest baby

World's best pedicure

World's best ice cream cone

Braum's CANNOT be beat.
World's best Saturday morning run

World's most ingenious way of dealing with post run sweat in my clean car

Yes, I really am that sweaty.
World's best "just because" present

You should feel lucky, because during the next 48 drug-induced hours, you will most likely be subject to some very entertaining and ranty blog posts. You're welcome!


(& pray I don't die!)



  1. I hope it goes well!! You're probably drugged up as I write this, but watching girly movies in bed sounds amazing, so enjoy!

  2. It will be fine! I had mine out 2 years ago and I came out alive!;) I was afraid of eating anything solid for weeks though, so I am pretty sure I lived off fro-yo and all liquids. I also managed to loose 5 pounds, so it was a win-win. haha

  3. Good luck tomorrow!! I had one of mine removed and it wasn't pleasant but it wasn't as terrible as I expected. Are they putting you out for it? If you will be awake (which I was) my advice is to wear your iPod. Seriously, you will not want to hear the dentist sounds because I think they make it worse. I didn't heed this advice, and I was wishing x 1 million that I had music.

    Enjoy the icecream and Channing Tatum!! :)
    - Laura



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