Sunday, July 21, 2013

I've found my true calling

Hello. Where did we last leave off? Ohh right, I was super pissed at you all for lying to me and not bringing me ice cream in bed during the whole wisdom teeth debacle. Don't worry, I'm over it. Just don't let it happen again, k? Good good. Let's move on.

Remember when I was supposed to wake up and do my first run since my week off? Well, I slept approximately three hours that night, so the run didn't happen until Friday morning. But only after an awesome Thursday night dinner/happyhour with my very favorite person. When your best friend is busy as HELL, you have to get organized and compile a list of discussion topics for your hangouts. It's just good sense people. 

It's obvious that I know how to party. 

After severely mocking me for bringing an "agenda" to our dinner, she realized my list was awesome and was totally on board. 

 In my awful week recap, I completely forgot to tell you about the something good that happened-I finally booked my ticket to New York! It's OFFICIAL! So the majority of our dinner was spent planning ways to pack the most into our weekend in NYC! It's going to be awesome with a side of fantastic.

Friday morning I was up bright and freaking early for my first run in TEN days. 

Please ignore my still swollen and puffy face and numb chin and lips that are causing a creepily crooked smile, and focus your attention on the cute new Brooks sports bra that I got at the local running store during our trip to Colorado. I completely forgot I even bought that thing so I busted it out for my Friday morning run and LOVED it! And the blue matches my Mizunos perfectly. 

I didn't wear my Garmin, I have no clue what my pace was, and to be honest I am surprised that my legs even remembered how to run, but I enjoyed it and shook my legs out just enough to get the day started. 

Friday night after work, I did a little Hobby Lobby shopping with my friend and coworker Bryn. We both agreed that shopping makes us really hungry so we headed over to BJ's for what may be the most incredible meal of all time EVER

We appetized (Is that a word? It should be) on Thai Shrimp Lettuce Wraps that were so delicious that they almost had Bryn in tears. I am not exaggerating. 

They were so fantastic! Mango salsa, cabbage, shrimp and spicy thai sauce = I will never be satisfied by a boring chicken lettuce wrap again. Consider the standards RAISED. 

For my meal I had the mahi-mahi tacos and they were SO good. I'm kindove obsessed with mahi-mahi, because it makes for SUCH a good fish taco. Add the salsa and avocado sauce? I was one happy girl. 

Because I am the most exciting person in the entire world, I topped off my night with some Trader Joe's dark chocolate and the Katy Perry movie and was asleep by 11. Don't be jealous. 

Saturday morning I was up by 5:15 for my weekend group training run with Fort Worth Running Company. Y'all. I can not say enough how amazing it has been to run with these people. My pace group is AWESOME and just make these longer training runs SO much fun! Makes getting up before the sun on a Saturday totally worth it. 

We had 9 miles on the training plan, so after we finished the run, I had some chocolate milk, and decided to keep running for a little bit on my own. I set out thinking it'd be nice to just run another mile and call it an even 10 for the day, but once I started running I felt so good that I wound up doing 5. Oops. And I am feeling it today.

After 14 miles, I was pretty hungry, so I came back and ate all the food. 

Kidding. I had a smoothie, eggs, and turkey bacon. 

 This weekend was AWESOME because we celebrated my sweet roomie's birthday! Her actual birthday was last Saturday, but she was in a wedding, so we used this weekend to celebrate. Our friend Sarah drove into town, and my friend Alli met up with us from Dallas for the ULTIMATE girl's day!

We started off with lunch at the local Food Truck Park, and then headed over to Times Ten Cellar for an afternoon of wine tasting. 

After approximately two sips of wine, I realized something was missing in my life. 
Then I realized what it was.
Oh yeah, CAKE.
We had SO much fun, the wine was delicious, the staff was so fun, and this place is ADORABLE.

Birthday Girl!

It was after our afternoon at Times Ten Cellars that I decided I missed my calling. 
I was meant to work at a winery. Sipping wine and talking to strangers about tannins all day? 
There may be a career change in my future.   

 Afterwards, we headed to Target to pickup a few things for Sydney's party later that evening. In case you forgot, Target is always fun, but especially after a pitcher of sangria. 

That evening we headed to the birthday party!


So happy birthday shoutout to my lovely roomie! This weekend was SUCH a blast!

Now to top it off with an afternoon by the pool!



(PS: I have a little secret, but I'm not sure if the blog is ready for it, so if you want to be in on the secret, follow me on Instagram @nataliehickson for a hint later today :)

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  1. Love, love BJ's! Looks like you're feeling a lot better now!



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