Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pop Tarts, Blizzards, and Royalty (I am ridiculous.)

I almost always go grocery shopping on Sundays. I realize that lumps me in with the entire rest of the world, but I love it. I love having Sundays to clean up the house, do some laundry, and stock the refrigerator. I'm a simple person and those are the things that make me happy. So you can imagine, when Sunday (which is already my favorite day) rolled around and I was strolling through Target and saw this...


Do you guys remember how I feel about pop tarts? Strongly, very strongly. Pop tarts single handedly caused my freshman 20 (Yes 20, not 15. Cause I'm an overachiever like that). 

Don't ask me which is my favorite flavor because they are all delicious and I can't choose and just thinking about having to make that decision causes me great distress. They are all perfect and delicious and bring so much joy to my life which is precisely why I am not allowed to buy them anymore. 

But just because I can't doesn't mean you shouldn't so you all have to go out and buy a box and then send me an email describing to me in great detail the essence of the chocolate peanut butter pop tart. I'll be waiting by my computer. 

Okay just one more Pop Tart picture and then I'm done. 

This is  GREAT IDEA, Kellogg's!

Changing subjects. Last night roomie and I sat down to dinner before we had to head off to Monday night Bachelorette watching party. I had a salad, she had some leftovers. I was blog-stalking, she was texting (she has real friends not just virtual ones like me). All very typical Monday night blah. 
When out of nowhere...

Sydney: "OMG. Did you hear Dairy Queen now has blizzards in a cone????!!??"


Sydney: "If we leave right now we can go get one before the Bachelorette starts."

Me: "I can't believe the conversation has lasted this long. GET IN THE CAR!!!!"

Race to Dairy Queen as if they were going to spontaneously decide to close at 7:14pm on a Monday night. Pull into the drive-thru...

Sydney: "Can I get two Oreo blizzards in a cone?"

DQ: "Do you want the cones chocolate dipped?"

Sydney: **Turns to look at me**

Me: "That is literally the stupidest question anyone could ever ask."

Sydney: "Two chocolate dipped cones, please."

And so began the happiest 6 minutes of my life. (Approximately how long it took me to demolish that thing.)

In other random news:

William and Kate somehow found time to deliver their first child. (Though I really don't know who has time to be having babies when there are new pop tart flavors to be discovered and blizzard cones to be enjoyed.) In case you missed it: the baby is perfect, nameless, and we all still hate love Kate for being so beautiful.

Fox News has been sending me push alerts. However, after this one, I've decided that I am obviously not mature enough for news apps. 

And I had my first treadmill run in over 6 weeks! And then I ate. 

Miles 1&2 @ 9:22, mile 3 @ 8:12, and miles 4&5 @ 9:22, average  pace of 9:07. I definitely felt pretty slow on this run, but to be perfectly honest I haven't given two craps about my speed these days. My primary goal has been not to die of heat stroke, and so far, I am succeeding. I'm hoping once it cools down, and I get further into marathon training, that my pace will gradually pick back up to what it was. And lastly...

I have a run date!

I'm preeettttyyyy excited. Taylor never wants to run with me. Probably because every time we run together I try to convince him that couples that run together hold hands the entire time. And then my next project would be getting him to run races with me while wearing these shirts:

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm kidding Tater Tot. Sort of. 



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