Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Enchiladas & filming your best friend doing push ups is totally normal

She's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I just really really really like her.

But first...LUNCH.

The name of the game for this week is "see who can eat the most food." I am winning.

And then Tater texted me and confirmed that we are in fact food soulmates cause he had Pei Wei for lunch too. 

Around 4, the excited/anxious/mostly ridiculous BFF texting began.

5:01 came and I rushed out the door and headed home to meet the roomie to begin cooking a super delicious and not at all healthy at all (unless you consider ranch dressing and shredded cheese to be two major food groups) dinner.

I know it doesn't look like I contributed but I swear I did. 

Sometimes when dinner is cooking I get really anxious and excited and I just camp out in front of the oven and watch it cook. 

After what seemed like 97 hours of waiting, out came the most delicious chicken ranch enchiladas that have ever been prepared in our happy little kitchen. I mean they are the only chicken ranch enchiladas that have ever been prepared in our kitchen...but still - AMAZE BALLS USA.

Couple it with black beans, corn, and some Chipotle guacamole? PER-FREAKING-FECTION! 

Then after dinner, I decided to do some pushups to make myself feel slightly less guilty about the quarter pound of cheese I will still be digesting 8 days from now. And then Allison thought that sounded like a good idea too. Which was kindove amazing.

And the rest of the evening will consist of this + HIMYM + serious slumber partying. And tomorrow morning I will have to convince my body that it is only Thursday and not Saturday.



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  1. Ok I am SO sneaking into your next slumber party! Looks like a fun night ! And now I need Pei Wei.



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