Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Best Run Ever (Proposal Story Part 1)

First of all, thank you EVERYONE for all of your sweet words. This insane outpouring of love the past few days has been SO overwhelming. Honestly, I have the greatest friends & family in the entire world. (Even those of you who have been nagging me to hurry up and blog my version of the story. You know who you are!)

So let’s start from the beginning. As you guys saw, my best friend Allison stayed at my house on Wednesday evening. After the push ups, and the very sneaky intentional nail painting party, we went to bed way later than I’d planned. The next day Allison told me she had to meet clients for a photo shoot down in the stockyards, so she was just planning on bumming around my house the day so she would be close to her shoot. Since she was right down the street, we met up for my lunch break.

Let’s back track for a second. Remember when Taylor told me he wanted to start running with me on Thursdays? Well, I have good news and bad news. Good news is – WE’RE ENGAGED. Bad news is, the only reason he’s been running with me is so that when he finally proposed, it wouldn’t be weird or out of the norm for us to go on a run. 

Back to lunch. I was at lunch with Allison when Taylor texted me and told me he’d be stuck a little late at work for a meeting, so he’d be late coming over to my house. He also reminded me that we were going to run in Trinity Park that night, so we could go out to eat at Chuy’s afterwards (something I’d completely forgotten). Well after a while, I decided I didn’t really want to wait on Taylor, so I texted him and told him I was going try to squeeze in a couple miles of speedwork before he came over. But he made me feel bad and convinced me to wait for him to run. (I now know it was so I wouldn’t be a sweaty disgusting hideous MESS for his proposal. He’s sweet like that.)

 So after work, I raced back to my house so that I could hang out with Allison for a little while before she had to leave for her shoot. I made her my famous/delicious smoothie, and she nonchalantly tried to talk me into wearing cuter running clothes. I basically told her to SHOVE IT because my cowtown shirt was my favorite and I was just going to be sweating my ass off anyways. We hung out for a while and then she had to leave to go to her photoshoot. I politely asked her to cancel and just hang out with me for some Chuy’s chips and salsa and she responded with something about her career, livelihood and responsibility, yada yada. I don’t really know I tuned her out. :)

Once Allison left, I caught up on blogs, and I texted Taylor telling him I was bored and ready for him to hurry up and get to my house.

He finally got to my house around 6:45. He was acting a little funny, getting a bunch of phone calls and not answering them, but I was pretty distracted by the sound of my own voice so I didn’t think much of it. We pulled up to Trinity Park and he kept saying “I’ll lead the way, let me lead the way.” Now y’all, I love Taylor. I love him more than anything in the whole entire world, but the man is not fast. Him “leading the way,” is pretty much unheard of. So I just thought he was being a smart ass. So, we started off on our “run.”

I kept trying to get in front of him, and he kept cutting me off! Annoying. Which is what I’m pretty sure I called him two seconds before I saw this:

Don't worry this picture wasn't taken until afterwards.

Even though I really was convinced that this wouldn’t be happening for at least another year, the minute I saw that first sign, I knew what was happening. And I started freaking out. Like near-hyperventilating freaking out.

After the first sign, Taylor took my hand and walked me through five more trees, each with a giant picture symbolic of a special time or event in our relationship. As we walked, Taylor explained the story or meaning behind each photo.

The first was a rubiks cube, which symbolizes the long, hilarious story of how we met.

The second was a picture of us on a pier in Pensacola, Florida, where he told me he loved me for the first time.

The third was a picture of us from the first time we went "hunting" together. It was the first time I shot a gun, so obviously it was very sentimental for him :)

The fourth was a picture of us at one of Taylor’s college baseball games. Taylor played baseball all four  years of school. He explained that this picture reminded him how I was always there at every game  supporting him and cheering him on.  

The last picture was one of us from our trip to Colorado this summer. He said that it was our first “solo  trip” just me and him, and he hoped it was one of many more to come. 

We continued walking, and I noticed we were walking towards a bridge. It’s funny, because I run these  trails all the time, at least every weekend, and I’ve never once noticed this adorable bridge. Now I will  always notice it.  

As we walked onto the bridge, I’m pretty sure I was shaking. I was so nervous and excited. He turned me  towards him. 


He told me the sweetest things, and had me on the verge of tears when he said, “I have one more sign for you.” I  turned to look up and there on the bridge of Lancaster street were his two best friends and roommates  were holding a sign that said “Will you marry me?” 


So I told him I'd think about it.

KIDDING. I said hell yes I'll marry you!


And then his partners in crime showed up. 

With the sign :)

This thing is BEAUTIFUL.

And then it was best friend time :)

Allison, I am so beyond grateful that you were a part of this. I will never be able to thank you enough for  being there to capture the joy of the moment, but more importantly, to celebrate with us. Love you  MORE than you could know.  

LOVE him to death!

Y'ALL. We're getting MARRIED!

 Check back tomorrow for part two! 



Update: You can find part 2 here!


  1. Aw this is soooooo adorable and thoughtful! Congrats on your engagement! Enjoy it :)

  2. OMG I love it. I cried at my desk at work. Congrats!

  3. Aw he did good! You might want to keep him ;-) Were you totally surprised or were you expecting it?

  4. YEAH!!! congrats...what a sweet way for him to pop the question



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