Monday, August 12, 2013

McMuffins, Katy Perry, and a ridiculously hot run.

First things first. I have officially perfected my homemade version of a McMuffin. It wasn't easy. It took serious research of the bowl to english muffin size ratio, but I did it,  and it is DELICIOUS. So obviously I had to take a picture of myself eating it. 

I am better than McDonald's. Also poorer.
So Monday was off to a good start. 

And then the roommate texted me with the INCREDIBLE news about Katy Perry's new song. And y'all know how I feel about Katy Perry. Major fan girl freakout over here. 

It's kindove amazing. 

 So something came over me this afternoon while I was at work and I thought, 
"Hey, I think I'm gonna skip the treadmill. I want to be one with nature. I want to run outside tonight."

Fantastic idea.

All it took was the thirty second walk through the parking lot to my car to make me realize this was probably the dumbest idea I've ever had. But I'd already committed to it.

I came home, cut up some vegetables for dinner, and tried to pump myself up for my run. 
That wasn't super effective...

Soooo off I went. What was supposed to be four miles quickly turned into three and at one point I really thought I was going to die

She's sweet.

And I also thought I was hallucinating when I finally reached three miles and saw the most beautiful sight a panting thirsty runner could see...

A dirty outdoor fountain with 85 degree water! Hallelujah! 

And then I called it quits

Do I care that I cut my run short by a mile? 
Um, NO. Not even sort of. I am thrilled that I made it home alive. THRILLED.

Yes, this is my thrilled face.
So anyways. I haven't mentioned it in awhile, but in two weeks (from yesterday) I'll be running the Hottest Half Marathon! To be honest, in the midst of all this busy-ness I'd kindove forgotten about this race. But after a good positive run this weekend, I'm actually getting really excited for it! This will be my second half marathon, and my goals for this race are way way way more laid back than they were for the first one. I haven't been training as hard, I'm coming off of an injury, and the temperature is approximately 60 degrees warmer than it was for the last half. All this to say - it's going to be slow. But I'm really really REALLY excited to have another half under my belt in the upcoming future. The race is in Dallas, and there's also a 10k, so if anyone is interested, come out and cheer, or even better, come out and run! :)



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