Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WANTED: Substitute fiancé

SO. Apparently having a fiance (I am really trying to incorporate that word into my vocabulary more) is completely worthless.

We obviously aren't on the same page when it comes to boy bands.

Y'all. In 21 days the BFF and I will be in NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably need to get a grip because every time I envision myself walking through the streets of New York City it looks like this:

Clearly the biggest problem here is that I'm not blonde. 

That's pretty much the only excitement going on today. But before I head off to my 9:30 bedtime, I have to share with you the pinterest finds that made me laugh my face off today.

It's Hard to Explain Puns

So true.

Andddd one more just for my good friend Miley Cyrus :)

Call me old fashioned




  1. no no no no no...wait. 21 DAYS?!!?!? holyyyyyy (insert the word that i would say but won't because people watch me) balls. that is SO SOON. love you miss you see you soon bye.

  2. also, let's talk for a second about how i think i left a comment just like that NINE years ago on xanga. nothing at all has changed ever.

  3. haha I love the last one. Well I actually laughed at all of them but the last one was my fave.

  4. Haha! Your pics just made my day! Thanks for sharing! LOL!



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