Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I really should've known

I just washed my car so I really should've known that in less than 48 hours it would be POURING rain.

Okay you can't tell but it was totally pouring in this picture. Way to go Iphone camera. 

Just before the storm rolled in I got in a really fun 6 mile treadmill run. There was one slightly dramatic moment where I tried to grab my water bottle and take a sip while simultaneously sprinting which resulted in an over the top choking scene, but other than that - GREAT run. 

Wanna know what else was great? Lunch.

There's something really sweet and comforting about the way your co-workers come to know you and the things that you hold really near and dear to your heart.

Yep, you read that right. Outlook calendar reminder for Red Robin grand opening. I will be there, BIG purse in hand, ready to stuff that sucker full of bottomless steak fries. A to-go box would also work. 

After the gym I headed home to eat some leftover veggies from last night's dinner and then had a protein shake because I forgot to thaw chicken and I am far too lazy to wait for that nonsense. And OMG Y'ALL. I am blogging and simultaneously watching/listening to New Girl on Netflix and I just laughed so hard that I almost peed on the kitchen chair so please watch this so you can laugh with me. (And yes, that is me snorting laughter in the last 2 seconds of the video.)

This really is the greatest show on television. 

Anyways, when I got home tonight I did some 8 minute arms and 8 minute abs. My least favorite part about this video is at the beginning when homeboy tries to convince me that we are about to do 9 "safe and FUN exercises!" Um, NO. I call your bluff man in spandex. 

Best news of all: T-minus 24 hours until BFFs unite again! It has been almost an entire month since our last hang out sesh. Something about her being all busy with her traveling photography "career" nonsense ;) 

Whatever really. All I know is that there will be lots of talking, chocolate, and most definitely wine. CAN.NOT.WAIT!



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  1. I keep seeing these 8 min XXX videos everywhere! They must be good, which means I must try it out!
    Ok. Just realized "XXX" looks like a porno video or something....so not what I meant haha



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