Monday, March 24, 2014

10 Days

It has been ten days since I last blogged. Raise your hand if you think this is not okay.
You can put your hand down now, Mom. 

Here's what's been going on:

I moved.

It was long and exhausting but totally worth it. To celebrate, we enjoyed the first dinner on our new kitchen table. We are CLASSY.

I'd show you more pictures but it's still a half empty work in progress. So as soon as it's more presentable, I'll give you a photo tour of all 861 square feet of home. 

And then, BFF came into town!

We hit up In-N-Out, Chuy's Happy Hour, Manis/Pedis, and Target. In exactly that order.

She kept me up way too late every night and I am STILL recovering. I don't do well on anything less than 8 hours of sleep. But it was all worth it because we booked our annual BFF trip! 
Boston, we will see you in T-mins 148 days. My life revolves around countdowns.

I went for a run. Well, a couple of them actually, but this is the only one I have evidence of.

I had another bridal shower. With the greatest people ever. Oh and this little girl stole the spotlight.

Pretty much the cutest helper in the entire world.

Really though, if you want to feel extra special just cram all the sweetest ladies you know into one room for an afternoon and let them shower you with love.

Seriously, I am the LUCKIEST.

After the shower, I got to hang out with this favorite of mine. 

We chose to celebrate Saturday afternoon/evening with wine and fancy food. It's what we do. 

I woke up early on Sunday and chauffeured Allison to a photo shoot, and while I waited, I enjoyed an Einstein's bagel and tried to accomplish some wedding related things. 

I didn't accomplish very much, but I did succeed in eating a crap ton of strawberry shmear. #winning

Sunday evening, Taylor and I headed off to the annual OFC Dinner and Auction. Jason Witten was the keynote speaker, and it was a blast. Turns out, people will pay $5000+ for a selfie with a handsome football player. Anything for the kids, right? 

Remember up there when I said my life revolves around countdowns? I wasn't kidding. Next up? 


Oh HEY Ryan.

I'm still recovering from my lack of sleep and I've got an early run scheduled for the morning. But this is me, checking in, saying hi, and sharing pics of Ryan Gosling. You're welcome!



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