Sunday, November 4, 2012

An entire bag of chocolate chips never killed anyone

I can't stop eating chocolate chips. I can't remember the last time a day went by without me popping handful(s) of their semi-sweet goodness into my mouth like it's going out of style. I have a problem.

I also have another problem. It's called daylight savings and it's ruining my life. Don't the calendar-time-saving-official-people know that when it gets dark at 6pm I'm going to be asleep by seven??!!???! Seriously?!?!!??

(If you can't appreciate that then you are not my friend.)

I'm also seriously worried about it messing up my running routine. During the week I've been running right after I get off work, around 5:30, and one morning run on the weekends. Now that it's going to be getting dark by 6, I'm not sure what I'll do. I might just try to sneak out of work right at five and get running by 5:15, but once my mileages starts increasing a little more, that still won't get me enough time to get me home before dark. So, you see my dilemma. I could run in the morning, which usually isn't a problem, but I take a while to wake up, I take a while to run, and then because I'm 100% female, I take a reallylongwhile to get ready for the day. So now that the time has changed this week will consist of me playing with running at different times of the day to see what's going to work best for my training schedule. I could always revert back to the treadmill, but come on:

...versus this?
There is no comparison. And lately I've been seeing a ton of people out on the trails wearing their Cowtown shirts from last year, and it's sososo inspiring! If I wasn't totally slow and out of breath I would chase them down and sing their praises repeatedly. Seriously. I would do it.

I signed up for my very first race this week, the Toro Dash 10K on December 1st. I'm using it as a sort of halfway testing point to see how my training is going so far and to really just gauge my progress. It'll also be my first ever group run. I'm so excited. I'm really doing so much better than I thought I'd be doing at training. I've noticed that my pace has majorly improved, which honestly isn't even something I was looking to do, but it's a pleasant side-effect. My body is exhausted, but there is something about finishing a run that just gets my blood pumping. I'm pretty sure on more than one occasion when I've finished I've whisper-screamed "YES, I DID ITTTTTTT!" Which I'm sure is very creepy to the passersby who are innocently standing by waiting on their dogs to take a crap, but whatevs y'all.

My Tater-Tot was in California on a business trip this week, so I was more than happy for him to be home on Friday. Mainly because when he is gone there is no one to listen to my incessant rambling on about the Target clearance rack and what I ate for lunch. I know, he is a lucky lucky man. Remind him wont' you?? We spent Saturday shopping (go figure) and eating (again, go figure). Then today we met up with my mom and stepdad and went on a little wine tour/tasting. SO MUCH FUN. I repeat, SO MUCH FUN. 

At some point during the tasting, all of those cupcake
liners were full of chocolates. This did not last long.

Love him! But only for his looks.
I'm thinking that this whole wine tasting thing needs to become a weekly occurrence. Because let's be real, there is no such thing as too much wine.

Tomorrow my sweet roomie and I are dedicating our Monday night to some a serious Christmas decorating party. Yes, we know that it is 75 degrees out. And yes, we know that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. Blah blah blah blah. We love Christmas and that is why we are roomie soulmates. Cannot wait.

Happy Sunday!



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