Monday, May 27, 2013

Your daily reminder

I'm going to be honest and tell you that 94% of the reason I'm checking in to give you your daily reminder that my birthday is in exactly SIX days away. And apparently all the delicious restaurants in my life are equally as excited about it. 


I also want to remind you that Glee is STILL awesome. 

Our weekend consisted of being surrounded by really really really awesome friends for three straight days. 

There was food and games and all types of fun and one of my absolute favorite things about summer is the fact that you don't have to pack any actual clothes because you just get to live in your swimsuit.


Also in case you were wondering, Miss Peyten says hello and that she is still in the number one spot for world's most beautiful baby. 

Yes it was an incredible weekend and I probably would be curled up in a ball crying about the fact that it's over if I didn't have the Bachelorette Premiere in T-minus 2 hours to look forward to. 

This ad is ridiculous.

That show really does improve my quality of life by a solid 40%. I love the DRAMA!



1 comment:

  1. LOL I love that you reminded us about your birthday, that's something I would totally do! (October 17th by the way..jk. Not really kidding lol).

    Your weekend looked awesome. I am SO incredibly jealous that you're watching The Bachelorette right now. Our cable company screwed us over on our installation appt on the weekend (I had timed it perfectly with the start of The Bach). I will watch online later but its not the same. Hope there's lots of drama this season!



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