Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 Countdowns and I've been seduced yet again

Dear Self,

Let's talk about how exactly you were planning on running 6 miles without shoes, a sports bra and missing one sock?

You are an idiot.
Yeah. So that didn't happen. Lesson learned - don't pack your gym bag while half asleep. My shins were super achy all day anyways, so when I got to the gym to find a bag full of nothing I took it as a sign from God that I was supposed to skip my run and instead make cookies for dinner. And when God speaks to you, you don't ignore him.

Oatmeal chocolate chip freakin YUM.
 Don't worry that wasn't all I ate. I put a valiant 3 minutes of microwave effort into my actual dinner

Verdict? Eh.

We're switching topics now. So, tell me if this ever happens to you.

You know how the Victoria's Secret dressing rooms have the most perfectly soft and romantic lighting that makes you look super skinny and tan and manages to convince you that you are really rocking that overpriced bra and that you too could be a VS angel??? Right. So you make it to the checkout, swipe your card, and walk out of the store with your head held high and your little pink bag in hand. And then you get home to your $3 light bulbs and realize that you just spent $54 on a purple bra that can be seen through every single shirt you own and oh by the way you are still just a 34A and there's nothing angelic about that.

Yes, that is actually me. 
Okay, well I think that Target has now implemented that same perfect lighting trickery into their produce department. Because when I went to the grocery store yesterday I could've sworn to you that I picked out the most gorgeous, lucious strawberries in the whole world, and tonight I pulled them out of the fridge and they were so ugly and pathetic that I actually felt embarrassed for them. So that was upsetting. Clearly I've been seduced by Target yet again. That's like the 45th time this month.

Are you ready to hear about the three things I am counting down to???? In order of importance:

My excitement has gone past the point of ridiculous and wandered into the realm of borderline psychotic. I am literally incapable of thinking about anything else. I've already started mentally packing and Google Earth stalking all the places I want to go. Yes, as I've said, I'm freaking out.


Oh no big deal, just 12 days until the greatest holiday ever. Just for kicks and giggles here are pictures from my last four birthdays.


22 AKA Bday in Vegas!

AKA the best birthday in the history of EVER.


AKA the one where the waitress at Benihana took away
my wine glass and left everyone else's because apparently I look like I'm twelve. 


AKA the one where I was a chubby bunny but it's okay because Taylor is adorable.

(You forgot we were listing countdowns didn't you? It's okay, I did too.)

I'm actually a little afraid of this half because it's going to be 14,000 degrees outside and I don't know how to handle that. But if I pretend like I'm excited and not completely terrified then maybe I will actually get excited. Maybe? We'll see. 39 days and counting!

Questions because I'm chatty today!

Does the VS dressing room seduce you too? 
Surely I can't be the only one.

Who else skipped their workout today? 
High five. Normally I'd feel bad, but it's hard to feel guilty when in t-minus 8 hours I will be sweating/cursing the day I was born in spin class. 




  1. Whoa whoa whoa, can we back it up - where did you get your gym bag? I LOVE it!! Bummer about your strawberries, that stinks. And yay you have a lot of fun things coming up! 14,000 degrees outside? Whoa. Good luck with that. :)

    1. Haha you are so funny. I actually snagged that bag Super randomly on clearance at The Container store last summer, only ten bucks! I love it because its also the perfect size for a carry on and it's super durable!

  2. LOL! I was laughing at the first part of your post. I know what you mean by the lights in VS fitting rooms! LOL!

    Wow! Colorado! I wanna go there too! Actually my husband and I thinking of relocating to Colorado! WE love the mountains! :)
    Advance Happy Birthday and Goodluck with your race! :)

  3. Haha I have forgotten a bra once to workout in and I've ran in my regular bra. Not that big of deal because I'm part of the itty bitty titty committee, but it still bothered me so bad. glad you made up with it with some delish cookies, you're welcome to send those my way!

  4. Your blog cracks me up every time. I have been the victim of both a poorly packed gym bag (on a number of occasions, its totally a sign from God that you should take the night off), and the Victoria's Secret fitting room lighting. Its actually better in my opinion to have flattering lighting though than other stores who have the worst lighting of life and they make me cringe no matter how hard I have been hitting the gym. Bikini shopping + bad lighting = devastating. haha



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