Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today went like this and three things I'm looking forward to

4:20am wake up calls will ALWAYS piss me off. No exceptions. 
My alarm goes off and I'm like:

I even consider myself to be a morning person (comparatively speaking. I definitely am not a night owl. But honestly I would just rather be asleep all the time.) 6am? I'm all over that. But anything before 5am just seems like straight up blasphemy. I mean, it's still dark. If God had intended us to be awake and doing things at that hour, you'd think he would've made arrangements for the sun to be up too.  Just sayin'. 

Anyways. I manged to roll out of bed, scarf down a delicious Zone bar (because chocolate inspires me) and make it to the gym in time for spin class.

From Instagram

Isn't my belly sweat so attractive? Y'ALL. Spin is freakin hard. Honestly, it feels like it's only gotten harder since my first class. How does that even make sense?! Answer: it doesn't. It absolutely mystifies me. I was so miserable for the whole class I felt like I needed to puke, pass out, and give the instructor the finger - all at the same time. Don't worry, I didn't do any of those things. However, after class was over, I did tell her that I hated her. Her response? "Aww, YAY!!" Um, no, you adorably fit and lovable woman, I don't think you're understanding me.

I crawled out of class and came back home and collapsed showered and then made an executive decision not to do my hair because really I can't be expected to exercise AND look presentable all in one day. Don't be ridiculous people. When I got to work I totally forgot that I had to run to Staples to drop off some presentations to be bound, which is where the best/most creepy/most awesome/most bizarre event of my day occurred.

While I was standing in line at Staples, an old man said he'd bet me a penny that he could kiss me on the cheek without touching me. I said I'd take that bet. He grabbed me, kissed me on the cheek, tossed me the penny and said "I lose!" Touché, old man. At least I've got a penny to show for it.

From Instagram

Yep...that happened.

Once I got over that, I headed home to get ready for my weekly Wednesday night dinner with the Tater Tot.

(Refer back to this post if you are wondering why he as listed as "Booty Call." Spoiler alert: I had nothing to do with it.)

I know what you're thinking. Taylor is one lucky man. I mean, the yoga pants are one thing, but throw in dinner with a "tipsy off $2.99 Trader Joe's cabernet" girlfriend? PRICELESS

I may not be too much to look at, but I did make one heck of a delicious dinner. 

Crock-pot barbeque pineapple chicken
I fell in love with this recipe after I realized that it wouldn't require me to make an extra trip to the grocery store because I already had all of the ingredients at home. Um, SOLD. I made ours pretty much exactly like the recipe, and served it over brown rice with some steamed broccoli. It was sooooo delicious and easy.

Plus, I got to use my new Pampered Chef goodies! The boil over no more was freakin' awesome because I didn't have to watch the rice at all, I just let it boil for 10 minutes. And I used the micro-cooker to steam my broccoli perfectly in five minutes. (Yes, I realize that sounded like a scripted commercial. And no, I don't sell Pampered Chef, I am just really obsessed with it.)

Come on guys, that's pretty cool. 

And lastly, the 3 Things I'm Looking Forward to:





  1. Oh my goodness, that story about the old man is pretty much awesome lol! And you are definitely to be commended for waking up that early. I don't know that I could muster up remotely enough energy to do that lol!

    Micro-cooker looks neat, I want one!

  2. I just found your blog and I think you are hysterical (aka I read a bunch of your posts!) I am a Spin instructor and I also love when people hate me. ;) I do have to give you props for getting up for a class that early...I got called to sub last week and I conveniently couldn't do it haha

  3. Your blog cracks me up, and I love the screenshots of text convos with your bf. Sounds like me & my bf's conversations too, too funny!
    PS. What an amazing old man, haha! so cute!



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