Monday, May 6, 2013

So it begins...AGAIN.

Here's what happened last week:

 I felt like I was getting sick. Tried to fight that off...

 Then I got sick. And developed a chemical dependency on Tylenol Cold Multi-Sympton - severe. (A big shout out to the medical community for this prized contribution that kept me from killing over all last week.)

Disgusting cold - 1, Immune System - 0.

Then I made a Tater and I a really delicious and comforting pot roast (easiest recipe ever) and moaned inappropriately the entire way through dinner. 

Looks gross - tastes delicious.

Then I was really productive at work...

Shoes is what I came up with after I got bored with "boobies."

Then Texas decided to dip from 85 degrees on Wednesday to 35 degrees Thursday. Which happened to coincide with really badass 11th row Rangers tickets falling into my lap. 

Friday night I stayed home, got in bed at 7:30, and tried to sleep off my cold and gear up for....

Cinco De Mayo/Tailgating/2nd Rangers Game of the Week!

Yes, that is a ghetto rigged pinata hanging off the back of a pickup. No, there was most certainly not any alcohol involved in this endeavor. (I'm lying.)


Aren't you exhausted after all of that? I was. 

Today was a BIG day's about that time again...half marathon training time! The countdown and preparation for the Jalapeno Half Marathon has officially begun! Brace yourself for the roller coaster of emotion that is to come in the next eight weeks. You are welcome in advance for the entertainment. If you are interested, here's the training plan I've concocted. If you aren't interested, move along, there's nothing to see here.

How this half is going to be different than the first:

- It's going to be hot. As balls. Not looking forward to that - AT ALL
- It's going to be flat. (Halleluyer!)
- I'm actually going to cross train. As opposed to what I did last time. Which was talk about cross training and then proceed to convince myself that strolling around Target is cross training. I am very convincing y'all.
- I'm probably going to have to run while I'm on vacation. In Colorado. Can you say altitude? I'm scared. 
- I'm going to strength train. (Hello BodyPump!)

So, that's the plan! So far we are on Day 1 and I haven't failed yet. Someone, please, pat me on the back. I'm going to be very honest and tell you that I've only run a small handful of times the last couple of weeks. I had two absolutely terrible runs while I was sick last week and then I took a whole five days off from any physical activity at all, which I needed and don't regret for a second, but I'm more than ready to get back into the swing of things. So because it's been awhile, I did a very easy and sloooww 4 miles on the treadmill tonight with no pain, and no shin tightness, and then I followed up with my new favorite - a Pump class. 

Don't laugh at my tiny weights. Just don't. 
And then I cried all the way home because my arms were so jello-y that just manning the steering wheel was becoming too challenging. 

Tuesday Natalie you are so screwed. 



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  1. I had a real bad cold a couple weeks ago--it kept me out of work for two days (boo hoo..) but much better now.

    That training plan looks awesome :)



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