Monday, February 10, 2014

What do you say after a 5 month blogging hiatus?

I’m going to play a game in which I don’t really acknowledge that I’ve taken a 5 month hiatus from blogging and instead carry on like business as usual and hope nobody notices.
Well clearly that won't work.
So here's what has happened since August. Hang tight and try to keep up, because we are going to fly through this pretty quickly.
Got engaged
(but you probably already knew that)
Went to New York with the BFF.

We ate a lot. We walked a lot. We danced a lot. We drank a lot of champagne.
Took some engagement pictures.
Pretended to be models. Obviously.


There was a Turkey Trot. And Turkey. And LOTS of pumpkin pie.
Dallas Marathon got canceled
It iced a lot. They canceled the marathon. Dallas shut down. I spent four days in a best friend/sugar/wine-induced coma dealing with my grief.

There was family. And presents. And more food. And more presents. Good ones too.
This girl moved. And it was sad.
Thank God for facetime, right?
I started Bootcamp
I am always sore. This is my new life. Have you ever tried to do a burpee? DON'T. They are hard. But they do have the pleasant side effect of muscle definition so there's that.
Tried to plan a wedding
Let's be real. This girl is doing most of the work.
I'll let you know on April 25th how all that turns out. This planning shiznit is hard. I tried really hard to elope but nobody was jumping on that bandwagon with me. Party poopers.
Kept on Running

I have been marathon training for EIGHT MONTHS. I am officially over it.
Did you get all of that? Good! And here are the exciting things coming up!
12 days until Cowtown Marathon
33 till I move into our new apartment
47 days until my bachelorette party
74 days until WE SAY I DO!
These are some crazy/busy/chaotic/wonderful couple of months I'm diving into and I'm back and ready to share it with any of you crazies who are still around to listen! (Hi Mom.)

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