Thursday, March 27, 2014

My life is 100% complete

It's true. Because last night, THIS HAPPENED.

That would be TWO, side by side treadmills. Which can only mean that last night, Taylor and I ran together, on side by side treadmills, for TWENTY MINUTES.

And then I forced him to take a gym mirror selfie with me to commemorate the beautiful moment.
I don't know why his face looks like that, but don't dwell on it, k?

Another reason why I'm 97% sure he loves me. HE BOUGHT HIMSELF A MATCHING GARMIN.


And then we celebrated our two miles by going El Fenix for $5.99 cheese enchiladas and margs. Mmmmmhmmmm.

And lastly, to celebrate the fact that it's Thursday, I leave you with this.

Smile, because it's Thursday, and because I have awesome lunch plans, and because tomorrow night is my bachelorette party! And if all that still doesn't work, stop and pick up a bagel on your way to work.
That always does the trick for me.



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