Thursday, February 7, 2013

Celebrity Marathoners

Today I had quite the (unintentional) calf and butt workout. And by that I mean that I made the ridiculous and impulsive decision to wear heels to work. You know how wedges are supposed to be easy to walk in? Yeah well, that's a load of crap.


My calves were burning by 5 o'clock. Which mean that they were throbbing on the treadmill tonight. So to summarize, is anyone interested in roughly 20 pair of gently used size 6.5 heels? Anyone? 

Last night my unlimited access to google got the best of me and I missed my goal bed time by like three hours. But it was totes worth it because I stumbled across this article on Fit Sugar about celebs who've run marathons. I knew Oprah had run a marathon, (I'm sorry, but BORING. Everyone knows Oprah is only interesting when she is interviewing 50 Cent or giving away free stuff in the epic Favorite freakin' Things episode. Ugh. Who am I kidding. I miss Oprah. Geez, longest parentheses EVER...) but this list is seriously fascinating! 

My top favorite:

Will Ferrell. With an impressive time of 3:56. Will, you are awesome. Please train with me. We will run and laugh and have a great time. I will pay you in high fives.

And in a very close second...

Ryan Reynolds. Seriously, there is steam coming from my computer screen. How is it possible to look that good after 26.2 miles? HOW?! 

In closing, I just want to say you're welcome for the above picture. 



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