Sunday, February 17, 2013

Probably the best weekend there ever was

The only problem with a good weekend is how on earth do you begin to recap it? I'm going to give it my best shot.

I knew that it was going to be a good weekend because I had a secret I'd been keeping all week long... (I did however share it with my planner because when you pay $50 for a planner you bet your ass you're gonna use it.)

My best friend got engaged!!!

They are both very Facebook popular and I'm pretty sure got a combined total of 4 million likes over the course of this weekend.

In case you were wondering, I completely approve of this and couldn't be more excited! I am a little disappointed because her becoming someone else's wifey does complicate her being my original boyfriend, but we'll make it work. 

All that excitement took place late Friday afternoon which made it almost impossible to concentrate the last couple hours of work but who are we kidding, it was Friday. Nobody really tries on Fridays. After work I headed out to Taylor's but not before very carefully transporting my flowers home. 

Safety first, y'all. 

Taylor and I grabbed a some dinner and then headed out to Dallas to see my newly engaged BFF and her F'ce. 

We spent the night talking, talking, talking, and then when we were finished we did some talking. Turns out engaged people have a lot to talk about. Just kidding. I did most of the talking, per usual. 

We finally left Dallas a little after midnight. Taylor and I have a new long drive thing where we have a screaming karaoke party the entire way home. We were about 3/4 of the way home when traffic completely STOPPED. I'm not exaggerating when I say we put it in park and did not move two inches FOR A HALF HOUR. 

WTF 1am construction??!!!?! 

Of course, as soon as we got the brilliant idea to watch HIMYM on Taylor's phone is when things started moving. 

Saturday morning we did our best to sleep in, and promptly began celebrating our four year anniversary with a not at all nutritious Jack In the Box breakfast burrito and a trip to Academy and Marshall's (probably our two most frequently visited stores). After all that exhausting errand running, I decided  I was going to take a little anniversary nap. Taylor saw this as his chance to turn on a movie that I wouldn't be interested in watching. Turns out he was wrong and I didn't sleep a wink because PLANET OF THE APES IS AWESOME AND SCARY AND ALSO HAPPENS TO START JAMES FRANCO! James Franco and a baby chimp? Are you kidding me??!! How could I sleep??

I also can't stand not knowing how movies end so halfway through it I had to IMDB the entire plot to ease my mind. 

Saturday night we got all dressed up and headed to The Keg to celebrate a whopping four years of relationship bliss the only way we know how- with FOOD. 

(I would quickly like to brag that my belt is from Goodwill and I snagged my polka dot dress at TJ Maxx for $14.99. And the hair ties on my wrist are the piece de' resistance. FANCY.)

I decided I will commit to at least another four years with him because he just feeds me so well. 

Despite the ten pounds I gained from last night's dinner, this morning I managed to get up and going for my last long-ish run of half marathon training. RACE DAY IS EXACTLY ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

I decided to do some serious hill repeats for the first three miles and then finish up with an easy and smooth five for a total of eight miles.  

This afternoon was spent with good friends and good food and some extra good hang time with the prettiest baby on the planet. 

The trick to getting babies to like you is to whisper in their ear all of the ways you are going to buy their love once they get old enough to understand. Peyten is going to LOVE me. 

Before I wrap up, I have to tell you all the for the past two nights I have had dreams about Sean Lowe, and showing up late for the half-marathon next weekend. I think it may be time to seriously re-examine where the majority of my thoughts lie. 

7 days!



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