Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday? Yes, please.

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I thought I'd share with you every single thing I ate today. Sounds fun doesn't it? I know. Okay let's proceed.

This morning for breakfast I was feeling ambitious so I made a smoothie. I've been tirelessly working for the past year to discover the perfect fruit to yogurt ratio that will result in a smoothie that I don't get tired of after two sips. Last week- mission accomplished.

You probably won't ever catch me trying to sneak extra nutrition into a smoothie by adding protein powder or veggies. Occasionally I'll throw in a handful of spinach to ease my conscience, but I really don't care. The ultimate goal is for it to taste as much like ice cream as possible. This smoothie consists of one TJ's blueberry greek yogurt, a small banana, some frozen strawberries, frozen mango, and a splash of milk. SO GOOD. 

Somehow (only God knows how) that smoothie kept me full until lunch time, (y'all, that never happens) where I dug into my favorite favorite favorite new TJ's treat...

I want to drink that salad dressing with a friggin' straw.

Also on lunch break I wandered around Target with some co-workers, which is where I found these...

Happy Passover sippy mugs? I don't get it. But I love it. 

These also somehow ended up in my Target cart, so I was forced to buy them. 

You can pat me on the back though because I only ate half of the bag. 
See that? Growth, maturity, and self control!

For dinner I had a much overdue best friend date. I mean we hadn't seen each other in like sixteen days. Just unacceptable. To celebrate our reunion we met up at my all time favorite mexican restaurant, CHUY'S!

There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of Chuy's fajitas. 

I think that face is expressing my almost disappointment for how quickly the fajitas came out. Don't they know I need time to consume at least four baskets of chips before digging into the fajitas??!!! Some people. 

After dinner we wandered around and tried to shop but ultimately left empty handed. Which is a bummer for the closet but a victory for the wallet. 

Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone!



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