Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eating green

Reason number 83718530572 why I know I'm not  a real grown-up is because getting mail is still really exciting to me. Yesterday I got the greatest surprise ever. Well it wasn't technically a surprise since I ordered it last week and have been tracking it non-stop on its journey from CA to my front door. Buuuut... IT'S MY ERIN CONDREN PLANNER!!!!! 

Y'all. Even the box it came in is adorable. 

So exciting.

Since the theme here is clearly "budget blowing presents for me from me" I finally caved and bought a foam roller. It is my new best friend. Actually we are more than friends. It's a full blown love affair. I've had this thing for about 30 hours and I've used it no less than a dozen times. I love you FR. Seriously- what took me so long??

There are actually four more pictures of me kissing FR, but turns out I'm not a very attractive kisser.

Speaking of unattractive. I have two new food obsessions that fall into the "not so good to look at but SURPRISINGLY delicious" category. 

They are also both green. In case you didn't notice. I didn't realize until just now that being green is probably the only thing that these two treats have in common. Surely that just means they balance each other out right? I'm all about balance. 

Today was BE-A-U-TIFUL, so this afternoon I decided that I was going to leave work at approximately 4:59 and race home so that I could sneak in a run before the sun set. Best decision ever. Even though I love the treadmill (ehh 50% of the time) I hate to waste a perfect weather day. Seriously, IT WAS A PERFECT. And, since I haven't been on an outside run that was less than 8 miles in a while, I was really really excited about the fact that I was about to head out without being weighed down with my fuel belt and an extra water bottle and a jacket and pepper spray and yada yada. 

My "this tiny water bottle is literally all I'm carrying and I could not be more excited" face.
Cute, I know. 

That's actually a major PR for me! My previous best 5 mile time is 46, so tonight was almost 3 minutes faster! My splits for this run were:

I'm so excited that I'm gaining a teeny bit of speed. (Hey that's fast for me so no laughing.) I know you're really not supposed to set any big time goals for your first half marathon, all the literature and best advice says the only goal should be to finish. But I can't help it! I'm staying very realistic and just hoping for under 2:15, but lately I'm feeling like if everything goes right, I should actually be able to hit that mark!

EEK! Only 17 days until race day!



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