Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brace Yourself

When I have a crazy/busy/wonderfullyhectic weekend like this past one, I have no idea how to recap other than a massive picture dump all over this place. So I need you to prepare yourself for the following.

Saturday afternoon Taylor and I headed out to Dallas to meet my parents for the afternoon and to celebrate my stepdad's birthday. This first picture is proof that the past four years of work dating have not been in vain because I have finally got Taylor trained. When we stopped for gas on the way out of town he came back out with this:

Well done, sir. 

We met up with my family at the golf course (boring) and I hung out with mom and drank mimosas (awesome). We caught up on all the important things like gossip and what we were going to order for dessert that night. 

That night we headed downtown for dinner at Lawry's Prime Rib which is truly the best meal in the entire world. I've decided that Lawry's will be my last meal request. You know, if that situation ever arises. Anyways, after like 47 courses of the richest most decadent dinner of all time, I'm pretty sure I blacked out. Don't worry, I came to when I heard "dessert."

After dinner I had an outrageous amount of energy from the Hersheys/mimosa/dessert sugar rush so Taylor and I decided to have a karaoke party in the car all the way home. Which is where we were reminded how awesome this song was:

Whaaaaaat??? I know. 

Sunday morning I woke up SO excited to tackle an eleven mile run. I decided that I was bored with trails and that I was just going to run somewhat randomly around town until I hit eleven miles. Fantastic planning, I know. It actually turned out to be one of my favorite runs of all time. 

When I started running it was about 45 degrees and by the time I was done it had warmed up to about 60. It was a gorgeous, and it was challenging and it reminded me why I am so freaking in love with running. I incorporated a couple of pretty big hills on this run, so I was also really happy with my splits. I know it looks like I laid down and took a nap around mile seven, but I swear I didn't. I actually had to run inside a building to chunk a water bottle that was weighing me down and getting on my last nerve. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

I have never in my entire life had such an endorphin high as I had after this run. It was absolutely insane. We had plans to head over to one of Taylor's friends to watch the Superbowl that evening, so I headed over to Target to pick up some supplies for dessert. I made my dependable favorite Oreo Pudding Cookies and also tried out a new recipe, Slutty Cheesecake Bars. And OMG. They incorporated all things sweet with a chocolate chip cookie crust, Oreo layer, cheesecake filling and chopped oreos on top. And super easy. I didn't take a picture of mine, but they looked pretty much exactly the same and now I am kicking myself for leaving the leftovers at Taylor's house. I'm drooling just thinking about them.

Slutty Cheesecake Bars from Bakers Royale Slutty Cheesecake Bars

Make them now. 

After almost entire day of baking, exhaustion hit me hard around 3 o'clock. I hopped in the shower and then decided that a nap was the best idea ever so I konked out for about an hour. After sleeping through my alarm, Taylor woke me up (rude) telling me to get ready because if he missed kickoff he was going to punch me in the throat. Okay, he might not have said that exactly but I was half asleep and that's pretty much what I heard. But then he was sweet and decided to help me blowdry my hair so I decided to forgive him. 


Because Chris Harrison and the entire network of ABC have absolutely no respect for my time, they decided to air TWO NIGHTS & FOUR HOURS of Bachelor this week. If I wasn't so excited, I'd be pissed. We even had a special guest at our Monday night Bachelor watch party:

He's actually very sweet and down to earth and he told me to tell you all hi. 



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