Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Snapshots and an Ice Massage

I successfully slept in until 9:33 today. VICTORY!

What you don't wake up and immediately take a picture of your lock screen? Well that's weird.

I feel like I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in the past two weeks. So that was awesome.

Then I got really really pissed off because I looked in the mirror and I had pretty much PERFECT hair and of course that would happen on a Saturday morning when all I'm going to do is go run. Please tell me how come Monday-Friday I wake up with Chewbaca/AnneHathawayPrincessDiaries hair and have to spend an hour making myself presentable. PLEASE TELL ME.

I really wish I was kidding.

So like I said earlier, random and semi-miraculous good hair day really pissed me off because all I did this morning was go out for my run. Which was PERF.

A really nice ten miles complete with perfect 70 degree weather. I was really afraid going into it because I'm still dealing with shin splints and calf pain. I know it's really my fault that they haven't improved because I'm not being good about icing and stretching and I'm really only remembering to do it on those days that they really bother me. And I'm sucking at cross training. All this to say that Thursday's short four mile run was spent feeling like someone was stabbing me in my shins the entire time. Anyways, getting ready for today's run I spent a half an hour stretching and foam rolling trying to avoid any pain. And what do you know it freakin' worked. Shocking right? I know. And then I figured since that worked out so well I should probably be good and do all the responsible post running stuff:

That's me being afraid of the ice. Ice is scary people.
Because of these annoying shin splints, I've been obsessively googling hoping to find anything for shin splints that I hadn't already tried, which is where I came across ice massage. It sounds fancy but really it's just clever. All you did is get a paper cup or two, fill them with water, and freeze them. Then once they are frozen you peel away all but the bottom part of the cup so you can massage yourself while simultaneously icing. It's kindove awesome and I definitely recommend trying it. It would be even more awesome if you had someone doing it for you while you were eating candy but I was flying solo today so I had to do all the work myself. BOOOO.

Then tonight was DATE NIGHT. 

I tried really hard to get Tater to take a picture with me but everytime I pointed the camera at him he covered his face with his hat. Super charming. So instead I took a picture of my dinner. Which was delicious.

Mango-chile chicken from Chilis. Thanks for the gift cards Easter bunny.

And the rest of the night will be spent pretending to care about Final Four. Spoiler alert: Whoever wins, I don't care. 

Rangers game tomorrow!



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