Thursday, April 11, 2013

Smiles Guaranteed

If you are upset about the fact that Louisville beat Michigan, or continually disappointed in Kim K’s pregnancy fashion, or if you’re just plain pissed off that we still have another 24 hours to go until the weekend, I have just the thing for you:
I mean if that doesn’t fill you with the warm fuzzy feelings, I’m going to make arrangements to haul you off to a laboratory and have you tested IMMEDIATELY, because there is no way your heart is still beating. I really believe that stumbling upon that picture on google has changed my life so I had to share it with everyone I know.
In other news:

Today I had a healthy day. Every now and then that happens. I did a pretty normal breakfast of English muffin and a green machine Naked juice, then about 12 I had a banana, and then about 1:30 I had the BEST SALAD EVER for lunch. Lately I’m a huge huge fan of the lean cuisine salad toppers. I’ve tried all but the Asian one, which I guarantee I will be trying next. Today I had the cranberry chicken which has definitely been my favorite so far. It had chicken, dried cranberries, broccoli, red onions, yellow carrots, whole grains, and crunchy sesame sticks with raspberry cabernet vinaigrette, for 280 CALORIES! I piled it on top of a massive plate of romaine lettuce and proceeded to eat lunch at my desk and make really inappropriate moaning noises, because it was just that good.

Salad posing next to the massive stack of work I am choosing to ignore. 

So delicious and satisfying that I didn't even have to dig into my m&m stash afterwards, and that’s a big deal. 

After work I headed to the gym, got in a good 5 mile tempo run (9:05, 8:41, 8:06, 8:41, 8:41) and then topped off my workout with this quick Booty Circuit from Brooke’s Beach Body Challenge going on over at Running in Heels. I also did a few push-ups but they are so pathetic that I don’t really even count them.

True dat.
For dinner I really wanted some eggs so I scrambled a couple up, with two slices of bacon and a zuchini/carrot/green bean medley.

One of these things is not like the other...
If you are thinking that those vegetables seem out of place, you would be right. But I don't have any pancake mix and vegetables sounded good. Gourmet FAIL. Oh well. The biggest news of the day is that it is now 9pm and I haven't consumed one single ounce of chocolate. That's a big deal for the girl who firmly believes that every meal should be accompanied by two desserts. VICTORY Y'ALL! But tomorrow is the weekend which means donuts for breakfast and fried everything for lunch and dinner.

And in running news:

Last night I went to pick up my race packet for the VOVFW 5k this Saturday. Packet pickup was at Luke's Locker which provided me with an excuse to gawk at/drool over the massive and beautiful selection of running shoes. But I'll actually be replacing my shoes in a couple of weeks, so it wasn't a total waste of time. I figured now is a good time for a new pair, since I'm going to start training for the next half marathon the first week of May. It's hard to believe that I've put over 300 miles on mine since I got them for Christmas. Oh how time flies. I remember when they were just a little baby pair that were so bright and clean, and smelled like fresh rubbere. Now the white has turned to a really questionable gray and they smell like death. Yikes.

As far as the 5k goes, I really don't have any goals. I honestly sort of forgot that I'd signed up for this one, and am running it alone (Taylor will be my only lone spectator) so I haven't given this race a whole lot of thought. Since it's so short, I guess I'll just go out there and run it as fast as I can, but I'm really thinking this one will just be for fun.

And the best news:

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! Which means only eight more work hours until I get to spend the weekend with my favorite person!

And now some wisdom from Kid President:

Anyone else racing this weekend?

How often do you change out your running shoes?




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  1. Chocolate should be consumed at all times. That and coffee... that would be the life.
    I've been hesitant towards those salad toppers but after your raving about them I cannot pass them next time :)




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