Monday, April 8, 2013

We're probably going to need couples therapy

I have relationship woes.

Except he lied. He didn't eat all the guacamole. 
Let the record show, I don't appreciate that type of humor.

Hey. Do you want to see my super professional “I went to the rangers game last night and had so much fun and got home so late that showering became less of a priority and more of an optional occurrence and PS I still smell like a ballpark” Monday hairdo? I thought you might.

Greasy is the new sexy.
It’s also really cool to take selfies at your desk. Says me.

I'm really bad at chronological blogging so I decided to show you pictures of my today and now I'm ready to show you pictures of my yesterday. It's really confusing, I know, but just try to keep up. 

Since I already gave you at look at my Saturday, all that's left is Sunday, which was the Rangers game!

It's always really fun when you spent 40 bucks on a VS Rangers racer back tank to wear on a predicted sunny and eighty degree opening weekend game day and then have to wear your ugly black jacket the entire day because it's cloudy and the wind is blowing approximately 857309847238 miles an hour which means you are COLD and throwing a fit. Luckily we already have plans for another game in a few weeks, so I may have overreacted. Just a teeny tiny bit.

The game was an absolute blast. We got to the ballpark around 4 and spent the next few hours tailgating until the game at 7. There is nothing more 'Merican than burgers and beer at the ballpark. 

Anyways we had a ton of fun and got home really really late which resulted in the aforementioned really sexy Monday hair. You're welcome, office. Today was actually an extension of my weekend because I took a half day to spend some time with my BFF/Bride-to-be who is getting ready to spend the next three weeks in Fiji. So we met up for a long lunch full of wedding planning talk and fro-yo.

I'm really proud of today's fro-yo concoction. I cannot get over the delicious sea-salted caramel pretzel. Add  strawberries, Reeses pieces, cookie dough, peanuts, chocolate chips and sprinkles. BOOM. Deliciousness. I'm offering lessons in creating the perfect fro-yo/topping combinations. They are free except you have to pay for all of my fro-yo. So, budget accordingly. 

After awesome best friend time I headed over to Target to grab a few groceries and on my way to the checkout line my eagle eyes spotted THIS:

WHAT!???!!!?! Easter was SEVEN DAYS AGO! What kind of world do we live in where there is still clearance Easter candy a WEEK LATER?! I am ashamed. Obviously there was a crisis and my help was needed, so I may have made it home with some Reese's eggs. Which I am convinced taste way more delicious than regular Reese's cups. But I'm not going to try to convince you because that would require me sharing my stash and I am not down with that.

Today was exciting for another reason, it was Taylor's mom's birthday! Everybody say "Happy Birthday April!" Thanks, y'all are sweet and I am sure she heard you. So this evening, we headed over to his parent's for a delicious birthday dinner and celebration. 

April is a really really good gift giver and every time she gives me a present so this year I followed her lead and went with a Texas theme for her birthday treats. 

Tater's family is all about the birthday plate.

I love desserts with fruit toppings because they equate to "healthy snack" in my head. 

I've been so busy that I almost forgot I have a 5k this weekend. Duh. So this week will consist of two running days, pathetic attempts at cross-training, and some new Yoga for runners moves I've been needing to try out. 




  1. Not in this blog... #notimpressed

    1. DUDE I TOTALLY FORGOT! I will put you on facebook. SWEAR.

  2. Taylor's momApril 9, 2013 at 5:00 AM

    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Tater told me about your blog... New #1 follower!



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