Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hurry up payday and a small relationship victory

(I am most likely going to have trouble sleeping tonight because I am rekindling my obsession with Law and Order SVU re-runs, which really is a terrible thing to watch after 8pm. Or ever. But also it's just so good.)

Important things that happened this past week:

1. I went to my first spin class. 


I would just like to say that spin class was the absolute hardest workout I have ever had in my entire life. Not  kidding. I mean really not kidding. I mean I feel like I can run for hours, but I swear to you I was begging for mercy thirty seconds into the warm up. Yes, the warm up

It was the most brutally painful 45 minutes of my entire life. Spin class is hard. I knew it was hard, I'd heard it was hard, which is why I'd managed to successfully avoid it for the first 23 years of my life. But, I really want to adopt good cross training habits on my off days from running, and I've read about 27 million articles on how spinning improves strength and speed, it just does. 

So Wednesday I woke up at 4:20 and made it to the gym for the 5am spin class that had a grand total of about 8 people in it. The instructor was so sweet and extremely helpful and to be honest a little too chipper for the wee hours of the morning but hey someone has to be. She helped me setup the bike and complimented my headband, which is the way to my heart, and so surely I thought we were going to be besties. But no, halfway through the class (in between her screaming to "go harder" and me wondering if it was physically possible to puke into my water bottle without anyone noticing) I was convinced that I'd never hated anyone more in my entire life. I hated her more than I hated FOX for canceling the O.C. That is a lot of hate people. But, the important thing to note is- I survived. And I was back home in my hot shower by 6am. And that felt pretty good. So good in fact, that I decided to do it again on Friday. I know, I don't even recognize myself anymore. It's okay though, because this one was the 5:45am class, so I totally got to sleep in (not).

Verdict: I'm going to start going to spin at least once a week, but really aim for twice. Those two classes have shown me that even though I occasionally feel like a badass, I really am incredibly weak. Even though I was convinced at numerous times that I might actually die on a stationary bike, I love how intense it was for being such a low-impact workout and it didn't leave me too sore to run. So it's kindove perfect. The two classes I went to work great with my schedule. I usually like Wednesdays and Fridays to be my cross training days anyway, and spin is a great way to knock it out early and be done before I head off to work. 

2. Torchy's Tacos

I'd never even heard of Torchy's until like a month ago, and when I started admitting that to people that they looked at me like I'd said I hate puppies and America. Actually I love America, puppies and definitely tacos. But roomie thought my lack of Torchy's was pretty disturbing too, so she took me there Thursday for our weekly happy hour date.

Y'all this was the best queso I have ever had. I know that's a strong and extreme statement but if you don't believe me I am prepared to back it up by taking you to Torchy's. Let's go right freakin' now.

I ordered the vegetarian taco with fried avocado, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, and pico with a side of poblano sauce. I wanted to beef it up a little so I added grilled shrimp on top of it (I am really obsessed with shrimp tacos) and it made for a massive taco that had deliciousness spilling out of the sides. Oh so good. 

3. LOTS of shopping

For some reason, Tater and I were in a money spending mood this weekend. 

Early Saturday morning started out with Starbucks and some very successful garage sale-ing with my friend/coworker Bryn and her adorable puppy (see I do like puppies).

I managed to score a new purse, a mirror, and some cute bookends for thirteen bucks! Not bad.

Bryn did really well and bought the adorable corner shelf in the picture above, a few smaller miscellaneous things, but most impressively- a nearly new elliptical for $40! She is pretty good at garage sales. 

When I got back, Taylor and I decided we wanted to take a trip to the outlet mall so he could look for some new dress shoes and I could hit up Great American Cookie.

I also managed to snag some really really great deals at the Gap outlet. EVERYTHING in the store was 50% off. I can get down with a discount like that. And Taylor was sweet and decided to buy me lunch and a present at Under Armour. 

Goodies goodies everywhere!
This morning, we still couldn't shake the shopping bug, so we followed up our usual breakfast at Shipley's with a trip to my home away from home-Target. Which is where something huge happened. 

4. Taylor bought new bedding. 

Y'all. For four years I have been begging, pleading, and praying for him to throw away his disgusting and hideous pink sheets, lumpy pillows, and plaid-ish disfigured comforter. (I really should've taken a  before and after picture but I was really distracted by my excitement.) I never thought this day would come, but it did. It finally freakin' did. I used advanced psychological technique so that he would think it was his idea but really it was mine I promise. So after an hour of testing out pillow firmness and comparing sheet softness, we walked out of Target with new sheets, pillowcases, pillows, comforter, and a bonus two new towels. 

Tater escorting a full shopping cart out of my favorite store. 
I've never been so attracted to him in my entire life.

So, lesson learned this weekend: If you are willing to wait around for a few years, you may be lucky enough to see the efforts of your nagging pay off. Natalie-1, Taylor-372. 

I've got some catching up to do.



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  1. Comparing sadness and anger to cancelling the OC is perfect... I miss that show. It is now my summer goal to re-watch it on netflix (dear GOD please be on there!)

    I feel ya on the nagging... it eventually pays off only because they're sick of hearing us not because they agree ;)



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