Monday, April 29, 2013

Five words I never thought I'd say

Enchiladas were a bad choice.

Work was a little hectic today, so a few of us girls decided to escape the madness for a late lunch at Mexican Inn. 


I love this place and everything that it stands for. 
Liiiike personal little bowls filled with greasy corn chip deliciousness. MMM.

Fast forward about three and a half hours to the gym where I set out to run a quick 4 miles on the treadmill and OMG I could feel the enchiladas bouncing up inside of me with every.single.stride. I made it a mile before I had to stop because I honest to God thought I was going to blow sour cream enchilada remnants all over the damn treadmill. So I stopped to walk about a quarter mile where I realized I just needed to burp. Like 62 times. I know, I really am super attractive. Sorry guys, I'm taken. 

Anyways, I managed finish up a little bit of a run without puking. Which is good, because my gym has a strict "no puking on the machines" rule.


I was planning on getting in four miles, but with the walk break I only had time for a little more than three before Body Pump at 6:30. In case you haven't noticed, I'm on a bit of a group fitness kick lately. In the past, I've kinda hated group fitness because it requires skill and concentration and those are two things that I simply do not possess. Plus I always feel like people are looking at me and laughing at the noob that I am. But I'm really trying to be a grown-up and take advantage of some of the really awesome classes my gym has instead of just using my membership for cardio machine access. I'm so so so glad I went to Body Pump tonight because I absolutely LOVED it. I've gone to two classes before, but I think tonight was the first time I felt like I was catching on to everything and was able to get into a groove. 

See how excited I am? Told you I liked Body Pump. 
Also I am in love with my new Under Armour headband. IN LOVE. 

Three more random Monday facts:

1. I am really grateful for KISS FM's commercial free Monday because it reminded me of how much I love this song.

You can't deny it's an oldie but goodie. 

2. I love presents from co-workers. Especially when they are edible.

Notice my non-chipped nails. I've really gotten my act together these days.
I hardly even recognize myself anymore. 

3. If you love New Girl half as much as me, this video that one of my besties sent to me will definitely make you smile.

Happy Monday! Only four more days till the weekend!



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  1. Awesome headband! I love body pump's addicting!



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