Monday, May 19, 2014

The one where I tell you about my weekend for the umpteenth time.

My God. Aren't you sick of me yet? 

Anyways, weekend recap coming at'cha. Less words. More pictures. Cause that's how I roll. 
Friday afternoon I jetted out of work early so that we could head out to East Texas with Jordan and Morgan for a  wedding. The drive was a beating, but we made it just in time to catch the lovely bride walking down the aisle. Then we ate. We drank. We danced. We dominated the photo booth. What else is new?

Y’all. I like him. Really I do. Even if this is his best shot at “cute kiss pic.”

Saturday morning I was up at 6 (it's an absolute tragedy that I consider that sleeping in) to head out to the trails to get an early run in with my new running buddy. This run wasn't as easy as I’d like to pretend, but by the end, I felt SO good. Hopefully a few more weeks of runs like this and I’ll be back at my happy pace once again.

And the perfect weather wasn’t bad either.
I celebrated with a bagel from Einstein's, because, PLEASE. What else.

Taylor and I had been planning (FINE. I had been planning) a Saturday day date pretty much all week long. So after a little post-run nap/shower combo, we headed over for sushi and a movie. 

We saw Neighbors. If you love profanity and Zac Efron (HI, HI ME!), you are in for a treat. 


We completed our Saturday day date with a super healthy dinner decision and a 9:30 bedtime. 
Thank you marriage for allowing me to blame my affinity for early bedtimes on my husband. #HOLLA


Sunday morning I slept in until EIGHT. Whoa. Let it sink in. Okay, let's proceed. Slept in till eight, hit up Target and Trader Joe's for groceries, and then we headed out to Dallas to watch our friend Madysen graduate. Graduations are dull, but graduates are AWESOME. Love you sweet girl!

And again, with the 9:30 bedtime. 

And today. Today was a Monday. Blah with a side of Meh.

But running? Running is my fave. 

Good times with my favorite running buddy. It was hotter than hell, and windier than crap (if crap were windy?), but overall, a pretty good run! 

And then snacks, because I firmly believe in celebrating ALL THINGS with sugar.



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