Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's that time of year again!

That’s right folks, my birthday is less than FIVE days away. Which means, I am now officially accepting birthday gifts. (But to be clear, I will unofficially accept gifts all year round.) Let's be honest, I've been compiling a wish list for the past 360ish days. But who's counting. Oh right, me. I'm counting. 

First up on my list - a TRUCK.

What would I do with a truck you ask? Oh, very simple. I would immediately turn it over to Taylor so that he would SHH and get off my case about not letting him have one. 

Probably not that exact truck. Actually I have NO idea what kind because once I hear the word "truck" I immediately shut down and instead start thinking about teacup pigs.


Are you dying yet?

Anyways, if you feel compelled to buy us a truck, you're going to have to call Taylor for the specific requirements on that one. There Tay Tay, are you happy? I put it out there in the Universe, hopefully the Universe rewards us. 

Next up - patio furniture. 
Because THIS is what our patio currently looks like.

Oh wow, gorgeous. Pull up a bucket, or better yet, a wooden stake, and have a seat! And enjoy the scenic views of the parking lot. It’s a lovely homestead. Anyways, THIS is what I would like for our patio to look like.

And THIS is what I will settle for.

And it’s on SALE! I came this close to buying it, but then I remembered how redneck and charming our current set up is, and I refrained.

Third on the list? STEAK.

I'm serious. 

Yeah, I googled filet mignon. That happened.

And then, NEW SHOES.

Because my shins are starting to hurt which means my Mizuno’s are PISSED they haven’t been retired yet, but I’m poor so I force those bastards to work until their last dying day. So yeah, that completes my list. For now. Probably.


Mmmk. Back to real life now.

Running streak is still going strong. Well, I might be lying about the strong part. But it's going. 

Yesterday morning was a 530am track workouts with the non-serial killer. 1.5 mile warmup and cool down with 7x200m squeezed in between.

It's been three weeks since we started and we've gotten progressively faster every week, and THAT makes me really really happy. 

And then this afternoon I squeezed in an outrageously hot 2 mile run through some neighborhood hills. 

Not gonna lie, it SUCKEDDD. That was mostly my fault, for waiting until noon to run. But today I am super thankful for the way running makes me feel. It clears my head and lets me hit the reset button, even if it's just for 17 minutes and 23 seconds. #SAPPY

Then there was dinner. Oh, dinner. 

(This is actually last night's dinner but I forgot to take a picture of tonight's so WHOOPS. My bad. Brown sugar bacon pork chops with corn and broccoli for the win!)

After dinner, I whipped up THIS homemade 5-minute strawberry frozen yogurt from Just a Taste

It totally hit the spot. I really love when I stumble upon a recipe, and I have all the necessary ingredients sitting in my fridge already. (Cause we all know that if I have to leave the house to go to the store, I'm going to come back with a $200 Target receipt, a Walking Dead board game,  peanut butter Pop-Tarts, a push-pop, and a guilty face.)

And now I'm here on the couch, enjoying fro-yo and watching Mud with my husband, celebrating the fact that tomorrow is Friday.



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