Thursday, January 31, 2013

How I almost ruined a really awesome night

Good news first...


Last Run

5 mi
00:46 /09:05 pace
Week Miles
17 mi
2013 Miles
100 mi
Total Miles
212 mi

Check! Hit the 100 mile mark for January!  

Bad news second...

Y'all. I'm not trying to be dramatic. But I almost just died. My shower tried to kill me. This is what happened.


JK. So that's not exactly what happened. For one, my shower head is not that fancy. But the form of the fall is like 84% accurate. Reason number 37,418,375,823,751,084 why being a woman and having to shave is a literal pain in the ass. One leg propped up on the soap holder + shaving cream everywhere + leg cramp? It's just plain dangerous. 

So after thanking the Lord profusely for not allowing me to die cold, naked, and alone in the tub, I of course had to google "falling in the shower." And did you know that falling in the shower kills 16,000 people a year?!!!?? Yep. It's decided. I'm never getting back in that death trap again. My google search also reminded me of Steven Tyler's epic shower fall back in October of 2011:


I referenced earlier that tonight was a really awesome night. That's cause it was. After work I headed over to the gym to get in my last five miles of January. Around mile two Taylor texted me 

((A couple of things about this text message. ONE-The reason I said I'd "kill him dead" is because I thought he was going to Olive Garden without me. I really mean that so I'm not sorry at all. TWO-When I'm trying to run on the treadmill and text at the same time, typos like "folding" instead of "golfing" typically occur. THREE-Refer back to this if you are confused about why Taylor is listed as "Booty Call!!!!!" in my phone.))

Clearly, I was annoyed by the text. But my lack of run/text coordination forced me to just wait. To make a long story short, while I was running, Taylor and his roommate Quaid magically appeared out of nowhere  right outside the window directly in front of my treadmill. They pretended to ignore me because they think they are funny, but they happened to be golfing in the area and decided to swing by and surprise me! That was the something important. Sweethearts. So as soon as I finished my run we headed to On the Border to celebrate the fact that it's Thursday. I made that up. you don't need a reason to celebrate when there is queso involved. That is reason enough. 

Since there is clearly no chronological flow to this post whatsoever, I'd also like to share with you the greatest idea for a lunch break ever. Today for lunch I decided to head over to Barnes & Noble to pick up a birthday present. The minute I walked in the door I saw this month's issue of Runner's World, so I obviously had no choice but to sit down and bury myself in that magazine for a solid half hour. 

So definitely an above average Thursday. And the only thing better than an above average Thursday is.......




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