Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Progression Run and my new TJ's Obsession

For the last couple weeks, it seems like all of my treadmill runs have been progression(y) runs. Even though I wasn't really calling them progression runs, that's what they were. I'm really trying to train myself to get used to starting out slow, staying steady and finishing fast(er-ish). Tonight's 6 mile progression run looked like this:

Mile 1- 9:30 
Mile 2- 9:15
Mile 3- 9:05
Mile 4- 8:57
Mile 5- 8:48
Mile 6- 8:30

So a total time of  about 54:05, with an average pace of 9:00/mile. Even though it's amazing for progression runs, I'm still not a huge treadmill fan. I made a promise to myself to really try not to be on the treadmill for more than an hour. If it weren't for my HIMYM obsession and unlimited access via Netflix, I'd be bored out of my friggin' mind. I am more than ready for the return of those long summer days that will allow me to run do my weekday runs on the trails again. HALLELUJAH.

Because it would be just plain weird for me to go an entire post without any food pics, I'd like to share with you my newest favorite find:

OMG Trader Joe's Pasadena Salad. Get out of my mind and into my belly NOW!

Y'all. This is delicious. After reading this awesome post about Janae's favorite TJ's items, I decided to give this one a try. I've never really been a fan of pre-made salads, because they're usually bland and lacking in actual freshness but OMG. This salad is to die for. I won't claim that it's outrageously healthy or loaded with nutritious vegetables, but it is life-changing and it's all I want to talk about ever again in my entire life. (Seriously ask my co-workers. I would not shut up about it.)

That was my excited face, I swear. Actually it's more like, "Oh crap this is amazing and I just remembered it cost me $3.99. FANTASTIC, another habit I can't afford." Oh well. 

Over the last 24 hours, I've been building up an Amazon Wish List of running related things that I want/need/have convinced myself I need. I'm sharing with you all because I had a feeling that you guys knew that this Saturday is 4 months until my birthday and you should probably start the gift-giving now. 
And I'm okay with that.

Product Image 
Loooove this. Perfect for storing your fuel, keys, ID, whatever!

Product Image
I never really had sore calves or shins until I started increasing my speed and HOLY cow I am dying for some compression socks to help with recovery. Plus they are pink. 

Product Image

Product Image
My hamstrings are begging me for a foam roller.

Product Image

Product Image

Maybe this month I just won't eat and then I'll be able to afford all the things on my Wish List.



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