Sunday, January 27, 2013

A CRAP-TASTIC run and weekend recap


Yes, that's how I feel.

I should have known I was in store for a bad run when I set out on the trails and noticed perfectly good M&M's scattered about. 

To make things worse, I'm pretty sure they were pretzel filled. 
I mean, it's like a slap in the face. 

The only positive thing I can say about today's long run is that I finished (with multiple walk breaks). Aaand that's about it. What's worse is I know pretty much exactly why it sucked so bad. I didn't fuel properly (unless brownies count as proper pre-run fuel), I didn't hydrate enough (unless there's water in brownies...) and I started out way too quickly. Not to mention the wind this afternoon was re-donk. So lessons learned today are: don't be a moron and eat crap before a ten mile run, you can never have enough pre-run H20, and don't try to be a speedy gonzalez for your first five miles because the last five will kick your ass. 

I refuse to dwell on it anymore because bad runs put me in a bad mood, so moving on!

This weekend was another wonderfully lazy one. Friday night after work I headed out to Taylor's house for the weekend. We hit up Chipotle (fave) where I'm pretty sure I out-ate him and was reminded once again of how much better life is with guacamole in it. After dinner, we headed over to Academy (second home) where we wandered around for about an hour and lusted over things we don't need/can't afford. I did however buy out their entire supply of my absolute favorite ever Cytomax Energy Drops.

I wasn't kidding. I really bought them all. I had a mini-panic attack earlier this week when I visited the Academy next door to my gym and they were COMPLETELY out. No way I'm ever letting that happen again. 

After sleeping in, we headed out for a nutritious Saturday morning breakfast. Taylor is obsessed with Shipley's donuts and every single weekend he begs for it and this weekend I didn't have the energy to refuse. Also he paid. 

Obviously all the donut eating really took it out of us, so we followed up breakfast with a nap. His was thirty minutes. Mine may or may not have been two hours. There's no proof so I guess we'll never really know.

I did wake up super energized so I decided to go for a quick unscheduled run to try and squeeze in some extra mileage for January. (Only 17 miles left till 100!) It was a quick neighborhood run which was a huge change of scenery since I'm so used to either running on the treadmill or the the Trinity trails. But it was good, and it's amazing how quickly any run that is less than 45 minutes will fly by. 

After that run it was, of course, time to eat again. We headed out for dinner at McAllister's and then spent the rest of the night wandering around NorthEast Mall not buying anything. But we stop by Brookstone where we entertained ourselves with overpriced gadgets for awhile.

I didn't get a picture of it, but I'm now convinced that I need one of the giant massage chairs WITH the built in calf/leg massager. I mean, am I right?!!?? AMAZING. And very reasonably priced at only $3,300. 
Way to go Brookstone. 

Today consisted of more sleeping and the aforementioned run from hell. So now I'm recovering with a banana, Tylenol PM, and an FX showing of Eclipse. Just because I'm Team Edward doesn't mean I mind when Jacob takes his shirt off.

Exactly four weeks until race day!



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