Friday, March 14, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Bootcamp at 530 am will never get easier. But my outfits do get cuter. Thanks Em!
My life is officially packed up into boxes. Weird simultaneous happy/sad emotions.

 If y'all were wondering, Whataburger taquitos still hit the spot.
All week long I have been throwin' it back to 2003 by keeping this song on repeat.

This week, I snagged this end table at Target for $34!
The removable tray is adorbs, but my purse is not included.

Shipley's donut holes. I would give my right arm if I could have Shipley's every day.

Spotted at Garden Ridge. I exercised a great deal of self control and did NOT buy.
But now you know what to get me for my birthday.

This week, I tried oil pulling for the first time.
I lasted approximately .5 seconds before I gagged and spewed it everywhere.
 Oil has no place in my mouth unless it has been politely fried into a potato chip or onion ring.

Another reason to love Trader Joe’s, they do pre-made salads RIGHT.
I didn’t say healthy, I said right. 510 calories of peanutty deliciousness is my kind of lunch.

I've got to admit, at first glance, I was unsure about these.

And lastly, to follow up the pictures of taquitos, donut holes, goldfish, and nutrition-less salads, a little Ryan Gosling clean eating inspiration.
 Diet starts Monday, right y'all?
Happy Friday!


  1. What a cute workout tee! Have a great weekend

  2. I have been hearing about oil pulling lately too, I'm going to try it but I'm totally expecting to gag instantly. Love that Ryan Gosling pic, that is motivation lol.



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